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My dream of having a garden house was extinguished by my husband

My wife and I have been together for eight years and have two small children. My husband objected to my plans to buy a garden house.

We all feel happy and fortunate to have met each other, there is almost no fight or loud noise.

About work: The husband and wife are both hard-working and proactive in their work, seeing that they do not need to be reminded by anyone.

Regarding internal and external relations: We are of the same opinion that hard work is good, filial piety comes first. Therefore, both are well-liked by their parents.

About personal passion: Respect each person’s own interests and personal freedom. See marriage as having friends and relatives to accompany, not to control the other. In eight years I never checked his social media accounts or questioned him.

About the children: We hire our own helpers since I elected the first child, the view is clear that “everyone takes care of the children”, doesn’t mind the parents on both sides. We do not force our children to learn, we mainly shape their personality.

He and I have some bad points, but basically we both get along and sympathize with each other. After eight years, our relationship is very good, he still gives me small gifts on holidays, I still hold his hand, sometimes whispering words of love and thanks in his ear. Now I have a few thoughts that are not clear, hope to receive advice and suggestions.

>> My husband does not support me in anything

Economically: My wife and I got married from empty hands. I do business outside, my husband works as a government agency, later my work is busy, he is willing to support and my husband and I have worked together until now. So we decide on our own finances. The couple’s total income is 50 million per month, our total assets are three billion dong. Of which, four billion dong is real estate money and three billion dong is cash. I live in Saigon.

Our house has an area of ​​​​40 m2, built on a ground floor and a floor. Before, I felt quite good, but since he entered first grade, his study space is relatively narrow. Plus the translation makes her husband have to work online and need to arrange a space to be able to work, especially his work also has a lot of documents and books every day, has filled all the slots of the table, bookshelves . I have a long cherished dream of a garden house so that I can have a place for my children to play and grow my favorite flowers and plants. Looking at the narrow house made my dream explode, yearning to eat a meal under the flowers or drink a cup of tea and watch two or three fish swim. With the current conditions, we cannot buy a garden house where we live.

I want to use three billion dong in cash to buy a piece of land in Cu Chi or Long An, sell off the land of 1.5 billion dong to build a garden house about 700-1000 m2 (I don’t need to be fussy, build simply Okay). So my husband will go to work far away, about 25-30 km, I plan to buy more car to travel. I trade online, not much influence.

The second option is that I sell a land of 1.5 billion VND to have 4.5 billion VND to buy a house of about 80-100 m2, build a ground floor and two floors. The top floor I can design to plant my favorite flowers, will try to optimize my child’s own space.

>> My husband’s family does not support my promotion opportunities

Husband does not agree with both options above. He gave the reason that the current time is not suitable to build a big house but still should save money for investment. Recently, her brother-in-law found a large piece of land in a small town with beautiful mountains and hills, and only two kilometers from the utility center. He decided to invest that land with a value of 1.4 billion dong. Partly because of my husband’s will, the other part is that the land is also very beautiful, I love nature and bonsai, so I agree. Last time, when I went down to see that piece of land, I found it impossible to take it as a resort because the distance was too far, it was eight or nine hours away from where I was, and even getting there was short of breath. So I can buy land, but my heart is sad.

I want to quickly sell that land to fulfill my dream of a gardener, but my husband still adamantly disagrees. Even buying land in other places is considered an investment, but he said the price is too high, don’t buy it anymore. He added that our current house is quite good, the neighbors are friendly, there are no robbers ever. I also know this, but I still can’t stop the idea of ​​wanting to have a spacious house, dreaming about that house even when I sleep and sometimes feeling frustrated and blaming myself. We look forward to receiving everyone’s suggestions so that we can open our hearts to more beautiful days ahead.


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