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Operation in Ukraine helps free the world from Western oppression

“Clearly the West’s collective effort to impede the natural course of history, to solve its own problems at the expense of others, will fail,” Lavrov said.

“Today’s world with many decision-making centers is a multipolar world. We see how the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America develop dynamically. Everyone has the right to freedom of choice, including development path and participation in integration projects. Our special military operation in Ukraine also contributes to the process of liberating the world from neo-colonial oppression of the West, with the confusion of racism and the complexity of exceptions,” said the Russian foreign minister.

Mr. Lavrov said that the current situation is not a new Cold War, but “the persistent desire of Washington and the satellite countries, who think they are the ‘masters of human destiny’, to impose a model. where the United States is central to the world order.

“It has reached the point where a minority West is trying to replace the United Nations-centric structure and replace the international law born out of World War II with its own ‘rules-based’ order. ”, he said.

The Russian foreign minister said that the US and its allies wrote their own laws and then imposed them on the international community to force them to implement.

He believes that the United States has been pursuing a path of destruction for decades. He cited NATO’s intervention in Yugoslavia, attacks on Iraq and Libya, efforts to destroy Syria, along with conducting “color revolutions” in many countries, including Ukraine. “All these actions have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and caused chaos in many regions of the planet,” Lavrov said.

Russia’s foreign minister said that the West is trying to use “the most brutal methods” to suppress countries that want to pursue an independent domestic and foreign policy, not just for Russia’s sake.

“We can see sectarian thinking being adopted in the Asia-Pacific. Look at the so-called Indo-Pacific strategy that the US promotes, with a clear anti-China orientation,” he said.

According to the Russian foreign minister, the sooner the West accepts the new geopolitical reality, the better for itself and the international community.

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