Over 30 years of buying the same number, the couple won the jackpot of 110 million USD

Two weeks after the ticket went on sale in a Ramsey County store, the winners of Minnesota’s first Mega Millions jackpot, USA, received their prize.

An unnamed couple won the April 12 jackpot totaling $110 million. They chose cash worth about $66.9 after the mandatory tax deduction.

The Minnesota Lottery wrote: “This couple’s lottery story begins more than 30 years ago. On April 17, 1990, the day the first Minnesota lottery tickets went on sale, future lottery millionaires split. share a pizza and buy tickets on their first date.”

The jackpot winner is someone who regularly buys lottery tickets. She discovered she had won big and then told her husband. They have allowed the Minnesota Lottery to share part of their story.

What’s interesting in this story is that for 32 years, the woman bought the same set of numbers. Although they have won a number of significant prizes in the past, this is the first time the couple has hit the jackpot.

To help navigate their new life as millionaires, the couple invited a team of lawyers, financial advisors and accountants before accepting the award. They said the “typical” immediate plan is to buy a house, car and travel.

The Minnesota Lottery also awarded the Holiday store $50,000 for selling the winning ticket.

This is the 5th largest jackpot ever won in the state of Minnesota. The four first prizes are all Powerball jackpots. Minnesota added the nationwide Mega Millions lottery game in 2010.

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