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Semiconductor shortage could last two more years

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has just issued a warning saying that semiconductor shortages could last until 2024 due to lack of manufacturing tools.

According to Neowinaffecting semiconductor supplies starting in 2020 as factories in manufacturing hubs fall into pandemic shutdowns Covid-19. Those are facilities that are producing a lot of hardware to meet the industry’s growing demand for semiconductors technology as well as the invention of new smart technologies.

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Mr. Pat Gelsinger said that the shortage of semiconductors is still long


Commenting on the crisis, Mr Gelsinger said: “We believe the overall semiconductor shortage will now move into 2024, compared with our previous estimate for 2023, solely because of the current shortage. has affected equipment and some plant lines will face more challenges.”

In addition to being used in computers and phones, semiconductors are also used in products smart home and vehicles with systems infotainment. This results in factories having to produce more semiconductors.

Over-reliance on the production line Semiconductors from several Asian countries has caused problems, so Intel is diversifying geographically. In January, the company announced it would move its semiconductor factories to Ohio (USA), which creates thousands of high-paying jobs in the region.

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