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Stunned with the price of Apple’s self-repairing parts

Apple has launched a store that specializes in providing self-repairing parts for damaged iPhone SE 2022, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. However, the prices for these components are not as cheap as people think.

According to Macworld, Apple’s new store offers over 200 individual parts and tools, from security screws for $0.10 each to the iPhone 13 Pro Max display for more than $300. This means if you want self-repair Broken iPhone, the amount of money users save is not worth much.

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The total cost of repairing damaged iPhone components yourself can be more expensive than from an Apple store


For example, Apple charges $269.95 for the iPhone 13 display package, which includes the screen, set of screws, adhesive, and two security screws, and Apple will refund $33.6 if the user returns the damaged screen. damaged after repair, ie the final total cost is 236.35 USD. The same repair will cost 279 USD if brought to the Apple Store, which saves 42.65 USD.

Also, repairs are not for the inexperienced, and the additional amount will exceed the amount for which the Apple Store is responsible for the repair. For screen repair, Apple recommends purchasing a Heated Display Pocket for $108, a Display Press for $216, and a thermal display removal fixture for $256.35.

For battery replacement, Apple charges a flat fee of $69, but a battery pack purchased from a do-it-yourself store will cost about $47 after the replacement part is returned. Apple also offers kits to repair the bottom speaker, camera, Taptic Engine, and SIM tray. Those repairs are harder to compare, but the parts prices seem reasonable, with the iPhone 13 Pro camera package costing less than $90 after returning damaged parts. However, users still need to buy or rent additional self-repair equipment.

All parts and tools are available “a la carte” as well as in bundles, and users can also purchase a tool kit with the expensive equipment needed to disassemble an iPhone for $49 a week. . Apple warrants that the tools provided on the repair self-service page are the same as Apple’s “repair network”.

Apple provides a series of manuals that repairmen learn before they buy parts. The details and instructions given step by step show that the repair is not easy either. For example, to fix a cracked screen, users will need to remove and re-apply the adhesive, then swapping out the battery requires a variety of safety precautions, including having a “clean sand” ready. , dry, untreated” in the event of a battery explosion. Even a careful reading of the instructions can reveal that this repair is quite difficult and requires a great deal of patience and understanding of how these products work and assemble.

Still, it’s a great step forward that Apple offers such a comprehensive program, and users can old phone damaged ones can be repaired to get them working again, if Apple expands the program to older iPhone models.

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