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Taking a rest and thinking “mortification”, making milk, changing diapers, lulling to sleep is… the end of the day, coaxing your child, then turning to carry your child.

When single, everyone likes to travel, experience, explore new lands, be free to fly everywhere. But having children will be 360 ​​degrees of change, including going out. The backpacking spots are replaced by tourist resorts, everyone thinks that after having children, they know that resort-style tourism is born for mothers and fathers.

Whatever the reason, let’s listen to the experiences of Ms. Ngoc Truc (31 years old, living in Bien Hoa) with a group of close friends traveling in Da Lat. The scenery is super beautiful, the food is delicious, the weather is favorable, only going out is several times more tired than at home. But whatever you say, no matter how tired you are, it can’t be compared with the joy of meeting each other during many years of separation.

A group of close friends invite each other to take their children on a trip: Relax and think of

Eating must also be in a hurry, mainly serving girls and boys.

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You can see how the food is going by looking at it…

Not that this time Truc’s association has 5 families, in which 3 families have 2 children, and 2 families have 1 child. The young mother’s group of close friends have been playing together since they were in college (in 2009), so this is also the time to get together to review memories because they haven’t gathered enough yet.

The process of planning, discussing locations, ideas, food and drink… also took nearly a month. Before the trip, two children of Ms. Truc’s family were still sick and had to go to the hospital, but fortunately, they recovered right before leaving, so they could go out with everyone.

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It’s so hard to take a picture of everyone smiling.

”We discussed accommodation, transportation, what to eat, where to play, clothes,… The part where we had to find more than a dozen homestays and villas to choose the last one. Near the date of departure, about 5 days, my 2 children had a fever and had to go to the hospital. Thinking that I had to cancel the contract and bear the villa deposit fee (more than 10 million), everyone encouraged me to try to take care of my child, when the day of my departure, I go when the baby is healthy.

Fortunately, before that night, my son was awake again, after going out to play, he was completely cured. Clothes are cumbersome, 1 suitcase, backpack, bag for each family, 3 more strollers, cribs, slings, I have to say oh my god because there are so many things.Ms. Truc confided.

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It’s also Da Lat but it’s very strange, just checking in and holding the milk bottle here.

Concluding about this vacation trip, the mother of 2 children did not know whether to laugh or cry because of many super funny situations: ”We were always on our feet, going to that kind of “mortification” convalescence. Eat in a hurry, sleep late but have to get up early to check in. But I can’t check anything, the time to make milk, change diapers, feed the baby, put the baby to sleep is the main thing, the parents are both tired and lazy so they are always dirty and no one wants to take a bath. After holding your baby, when you’re free, turn around and hold your baby.

Most of the children are of the age still demanding to be held, the youngest is 5 months, 6 months, 1.5 years, 2 years old. The oldest child at 4 years old is even more mischievous than running around. In general, we rarely go out, mostly stay in the room and serve the little brothers and sisters. If you can take advantage of the time to go out, take a few pictures and then go back to your room.”

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Please give me a smiley picture!

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In return are some lovely moments like this!

Indeed, having children and then traveling with them is not easy. From how to pack, prepare milk, food and drink, how hard the breast pump is. If the weather is lucky, but the babies are strange and disturbed, the parents are equally tired. Because of this, many families insist that after having a child, the child must be at least 5 years old to travel.

Despite being so busy, Truc’s close friends had very happy and joyful moments. So the young mother and her friends continue to plan the next outings. Having children with them, although tired but very happy, they can explore, play and meet each other, parents have the opportunity to exchange and bond. “Our parenting views are quite compatible, the children are also very close, so there will be many more trips like this”Ms. Truc experienced. stupid-lahet-ngay-do-con-minh-done-turned-qua-be-con-ban-20220418152035873.chn

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