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The female driver in SH fell and smashed the “driver’s car”, the car driver reacted like lightning to avoid a big disaster-Media

Saturday, April 30, 2022 00:32 AM (GMT+7)

The female driver of the SH car moved quickly past cars in the same direction when she suddenly met a Lead motorbike that had just crossed the road. Too suddenly, the SH driver lost control and fell and hit his head on the car running in the opposite direction.

The image of the accident on Huynh Thuc Khang Street (Hanoi) shared by a member of the Oto+ group on April 29 shows that, after falling and hitting her head on the car, the female driver of the SH car fell onto the road and got her head in. undercarriage close to the rear wheel. Fortunately, car drivers react very quickly to stop the car right after the collision, so a catastrophic accident can be avoided.

After the accident, the car driver and Lead driver went down to help the female driver riding the SH. The SH driver fell and hit his head on the car, which also caused this “car” to break its head.

The clip attracted hundreds of comments, in which the majority of comments assessed that the female driver made a mistake of overtaking while the road was crowded with vehicles, lack of observation, poor handling of situations when encountering obstacles, leading to encountering obstacles. accident.

“It is through cases like these that the benefits of helmets can be seen”; “Got really bad. These congested places are easy for people to slip from the inside out. It’s slow to go, but we can handle it in time.”; “Real danger! Many people go fast but don’t pay attention when they see people sneaking, they are startled and can’t handle it in time.”; “It’s okay if you go to the outside lane, but you can still drive as fast as an empty road.”…. is one of the comments made by members of the Oto+ group about the clip.

Regarding the regulations on overtaking (Article 14), the Law on Road Traffic stipulates that the vehicle applying for overtaking must have a signal with a light or a horn; In urban areas and densely populated areas, from 10 pm to 5 am, the signal for overtaking is only allowed by lights (Clause 1, Article 14, Law on Road Traffic).

Vehicles applying for overtaking may only overtake when there are no obstacles ahead, there are no vehicles traveling in the opposite direction in the intended passage, the vehicle ahead has not signaled other vehicles to overtake and has avoided to the right (Clause 2, Article 14). Road traffic Law).

When overtaking, vehicles must pass to the left, except for the following cases where they are allowed to pass on the right: When the vehicle ahead shows a signal to turn left or is turning left; When the tram is running in the middle of the road; When a special-use vehicle is working on the road, it cannot pass on the left.

The Road Traffic Law also stipulates that in cases where vehicles are not to be overtaken when the conditions specified in Clause 2, Article 14 of the Law on Road Traffic are not satisfied; On the narrow bridge there is one lane; Detours, ramps and locations with limited visibility…

For overtaking errors, according to regulations, a fine of from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND will be imposed on motorcyclists who “do not have a signal to ask for overtaking before overtaking”.

A fine ranging from VND 800,000 to VND 1,000,000 shall be imposed on motorcyclists who “pass the vehicle in the cases where it is not allowed to overtake or overtake the vehicle at the section of the road with a signboard stating that overtaking is prohibited for the type of vehicle being driven.” “.

In case of overtaking or changing direction improperly, causing traffic accidents, motorbike drivers will be fined from VND 4,000,000 to VND 5,000,000, and have their driving license revoked for 2-4 months.

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