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The US is running out of money to support Ukraine in the war with Russia

US President Joe Biden signed the budget package proposal on April 28, admitting that $33 billion is “not small”.

At a press conference held on the same day, when asked about the deadline regarding when the government should approve this new budget package, Ms. Psaki replied that “the request is very urgent and it is also very urgent. as required by the COVID-19 budget package”.

“As you know, we have $3.5 billion in military assistance. Right now we have $250 million left. Obviously, we will have to go ahead with the budget package and provide assistance to Ukraine.” The White House Press Briefing commented.

The US is running out of money to support Ukraine in the war with Russia - 1

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Psaki also stressed that providing Ukraine with “the weapons, ammunition and equipment they need” is “extremely urgent”.

Meanwhile, both Democrats and Republicans say that the $ 33 billion probably cannot be passed quickly because there are many issues to be resolved. CNN cited sources as saying Democrats are expected to pass the budget package by the end of May, but Republicans have indicated that they need more time to carefully consider what will be in the draft budget. this.

The White House’s request to approve funding for Ukraine comes as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance was preparing to support Kiev “for years and months” because the war with Russia could lead to conflict. will probably last. He revealed that NATO will help Ukraine transition from “old Soviet-era weapons to modern NATO-standard weapons”.

These statements also come after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Western countries have started supplying Kiev with the weapons they have requested.

Meanwhile, Moscow has repeatedly warned the West against “pumping” weapons to Ukraine, saying that these actions only lead to prolongation of military actions and cause long-term problems in the future. . The Kremlin also insists that any arms shipments into Ukraine are considered legitimate targets.

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