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Tips to peel shrimp quickly and cleanly, cook anything delicious

When cooking shrimp, there are many ways peeled shrimp Live fast, keep nutrients and shrimp meat. But because many people do not know how to make shrimp live, a lot of meat is lost, leading to a loss of nutrients. Here are simple ways to peel both raw and cooked shrimp shells.

Peeled shrimp live on alum

Dissolve a little alum in water and then let the shrimp soak for a while. Then take out the shrimp to peel, the shrimp meat will not stick to the shell.

Less than 1 minute peeled shrimp done for 1 live shrimp

Shrimps are too fresh to eat, but they are difficult to peel. The following 3 simple steps help you to peel 1 raw shrimp in less than 1 minute.

– Wash raw shrimp, put in a bowl and place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes, then take it out. This helps the shrimp to harden slightly, peel off easier and still stay fresh.

– Remove the shrimp head. Peel the shrimp from the bottom of the shrimp. At the tail end, one hand holds the tail close, the other hand pulls the tail out.

– Place the peeled shrimp face down on a cutting board, use a knife to cut a line in the middle of the shrimp’s back to reveal the black thread, hook the sharp end of the knife to remove the black thread.

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Use a toothpick peeled shrimp and quickly and beautifully draw the back of the shrimp

Way peeled shrimp first

– Use a toothpick to poke the upper part of the second segment of the shrimp body to pull out the black thread on the back of the shrimp.

– Remove the shrimp head and turn the shrimp upside down, place both hands at the top and bottom of the shrimp body, then separate the shrimp legs from the meat.

– Then follow and completely remove the shrimp shell.

Wash shrimp with salt to remove oil. Remove the shell.

Using a toothpick inserted into the tail of the shrimp, pull the black thread up and pull it gently. Use your finger to support the thread to pull it all out, without breaking halfway. That way the shrimp will be clean and beautiful.

How to remove the fishy smell of shrimp when cooking

– When boiling shrimp with boiling water, add a piece of cinnamon to reduce the fishy taste, but the flavor is still preserved.

– Buy freshwater shrimp, you should choose hard antennae, bulging eyes, flashing green color, snake meat, meat and shells stick together.

– Buy marine shrimp choose bright color.

How to keep shrimp fresh for a long time

– Before placing in the refrigerator, should be blanched or fried to make the shrimp shells turn pink.

Shrimp evenly

Put the shrimp in a plastic bag of flour, shake and pat the bag with your hand, so the powder will surround the shrimp.

Peeled shrimp Don’t throw away the shell after that, so keep it for pounding to make soup, or the stock will be very sweet.

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