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Tips to protect your skin in the summer sun

Here are some summer skin care “tips” you need to know.

Drink enough water

Summer heat causes dehydration of the body. To compensate for the loss of water and eliminate toxins from the body, you need to drink about 2 liters of water every day. You also need to avoid alcohol or caffeine-containing stimulants, as they cause the body to lose water faster.

Adjust your diet

In hot summer days, you should choose to consume foods with high cooling properties and nutrients for the body, such as lemons or citrus fruits. Vitamin C and amino acids such as proline and lysine found in these fruits play an important role in the production of collagen, helping to keep the skin young and healthy.

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Wear sunscreen

To protect your skin from the sun, every time you go out, you need to wear a mask, hat, sunscreen, long coat, gloves, socks… the appropriate thickness to ensure protection. skin from ultraviolet rays, and does not prevent the absorption of vitamin D from the sun.

Apply sunscreen

Regular exposure to the hot sun damages skin cells and is a cause of premature aging. Therefore, using the right sunscreen products will help protect your skin from sunburn and prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. According to experts, you should apply sunscreen at least twice a day, even when you are at home, this habit will help provide water and moisture, for soft, smooth skin.

Limit use of air conditioners

Sitting all day in an air-conditioned room is one of the causes of dry, dehydrated skin. To protect your skin, you should use a combination of an electric fan. In addition, if you have to be constantly exposed to the cold of the air conditioner, you should add more water to prevent dry skin.

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