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Tonight, the world welcomes the extremely rare ‘Black Moon’

According to the sheet Space, Black moon is an informal term, referring to the second new moon in a calendar month, or the third new moon in a season with four new moons.

The New Moon is always shrouded in darkness, invisible from Earth, but April 2022’s Black Moon will appear unexpectedly, thanks to a solar eclipse.

Tonight, the world welcomes the extremely rare 'Black Moon' - 1

The black moon appears during a solar eclipse. (Photo: NASA)

By page Time and Date, This Black Moon eclipse will begin at 18:45 GMT on April 30, peak at 20:41 and end at 22:37. Therefore, it becomes the 2nd new moon of April. The night of April 30 in the solar calendar also accidentally coincides with the “night 30” of the third lunar month, making the moon’s irregular appearance more magical.

Because Vietnam owns the GMT + 7 time zone, the time of the eclipse of the Black Moon falls at 1:45 am on May 1, peaking at 3:41 am and ending at 5:37 am.

This also means that where we live and where the prime meridian passes, this rare solar eclipse is not visible, because you can only see the eclipse in countries where it is daytime and has a high latitude. suitability.

The most obvious view of the Black Moon eclipse is the northernmost tip of the Antarctic continent; In addition, many regions in Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the countries on the western edge of the South American continent can also see the rare phenomenon.

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