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Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons

Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons - 3

Change your courage

There was a very cowardly Rabbit, who was always deceived and bullied by those in the forest. He often thinks how good it would be to have Leopard’s liver. So it came to Bao and said:

– Mr. Bao, can you exchange your courage for me?

The newspaper thinks: “My courage is too great, so I often get into trouble. If I exchange my courage for Rabbit, maybe people will love me again!”, so Bao happily agreed.

The next day, Leopard and Rabbit together went to see Doctor Miracle Deer for surgery. Rabbit changed the liver of Leopard, ran to the road majestically, feeling very satisfied, all Monkeys, Chickens, Goats… were despised by Rabbits.

A Squirrel came to greet the Rabbit, but the Rabbit not only ignored it, but jumped up to hit the Squirrel. The Squirrel thought: “Does this Rabbit not want to live today?”. Because he didn’t want to argue with the Rabbit, the Squirrel climbed the tree. Rabbit saw the squirrel leave, so happy that he was speechless.

– Oh! When my Rabbit is the king of the jungle, see who dares to oppose me!

At that moment, he suddenly saw a gray Wolf sleeping under a tree. It thought: “Gray wolf, you usually stand out before me, today see how I teach you!”.

Top 4 short fables, teaching children meaningful lessons - 4


Without hesitation, the Rabbit rushed straight to the Gray Wolf, then used his foot to kick the Wolf’s body. The frightened wolf rolled his eyes and couldn’t help laughing.

– Ha ha, people say “open your mouth to wait for figs”, today we can sleep but also wait for Rabbit, so lucky!

It opened its mouth and took a bite on the Rabbit’s leg.

At that moment, hearing a series of rapid footsteps echoing in the distance, Gray Wolf looked up. Oh! A muddy leopard is coming. It hurriedly left the Rabbit and wagged its tail and ran away.

It turned out that the Leopard had exchanged courage for the Rabbit. He met a fox, he was so scared that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, turned and ran, and fell into the swamp. Just like that, it looked so pathetic. Of course, no fox dared to chase it.

The White Rabbit trembled and said to the Leopard:

– Mr. Bao, now I know, only Bao’s liver but no talent is even worse.

The newspaper also nodded and said:

– Me too. Losing courage and courage, prestige cannot be used. We need to give each other courage in return!

Top 4 short fables, teach children meaningful lessons - 5

The Story of Fire, Rain, and the Aggressive Tiger

In a certain forest, there was a very aggressive Tiger. One day, as he was walking, the Tiger saw a bright red “animal” dancing and flickering. The tiger then shouted:

– What animal are you? Why do you see me without bowing?

That “strange animal” laughed with delight:

– I am not an animal, I am Fire.

Fire spoke and danced. The tiger was so angry that he rushed into the Fire. Immediately, Tiger felt a burning sensation in his back and face. The tiger turned and ran away. Fire did not let go, but also chased the Tiger. The tiger shouted: “It’s hot! Come on, we’ve lost!” and jumped into the water in front of me. The water eased the burns, but the scorching marks on the yellow fur coat remained to this day.

The tiger had not yet recovered when he saw something patting on his back. The tiger looked around bewilderedly and asked in an exasperated voice:

Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons - 6


– Who threw pebbles at me?

– I do not throw pebbles on you, I am Rain.

– What animal is the rain, why don’t we know the face?

Rain replied:

– I am water from the sky, not an animal, stupid Tiger.

The lake roared:

– You’re a mess, dare to call me stupid, I’ll let you know!

Suddenly he saw two hunters coming from afar. The tiger was so scared, he quickly turned around and ran away. Rain said to Tiger:

– Do not be afraid! See me here!

Having said that, the rain poured down heavily. The two hunters rushed back home.

Tiger escaped, feeling ashamed. Since then, the Tiger is no longer as aggressive as before.

Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons - 7

A mousetrap

A Mouse looked through a crack in the wall and saw the farmer and his wife opening a box. He thought to himself that maybe there was something in the box. But soon, the Rat panicked when he discovered that there was a Mousetrap in the box. The uncle then ran out into the garden and shouted:

– There is a Mousetrap in the house! There’s a Mouse Trap in the house!

Hen, who was digging in the ground nearby, heard this, raised her head and said:

“This is a great concern to you, Mouse. But it doesn’t bother me at all. I can’t get caught in a mousetrap.

Then the Mouse turned to the Pig and said:

– Mr. Pig, there is a Mousetrap in the house.

The Pig mumbled sympathetically and replied:

– I am very sorry for you. I can’t do anything. But I’ll pray you don’t get caught in the trap.

Top 4 short fables, teaching children meaningful lessons - 8


Hearing that, the Mouse hurriedly ran to Uncle Cow, who was chewing grass nearby. It cried out:

– Uncle Bo, Uncle Bo! There’s a Mouse Trap in the house!

Uncle Bo just chewed grass and calmly reassured:

“I understand your anxiety, but I can’t help it either!”

The depressed mouse quietly entered the house, sad heart, alone to deal with the farmer’s ruthless Rat trap.

Then, one night, there was a noise in the house, as if it were the sound of a trap. The farmer’s wife rushed over to see if she had caught any Rats.

In the unsteady night, the farmer’s wife was bitten in the leg by a Viper as she approached the trap. It turned out that the trap had hit the tail of a Snake.

The farmer hurriedly drove his wife to the hospital in the district. When he returned home, his wife had a fever. The farmer remembers that eating porridge can reduce fever, so he ran to the garden to catch Hen to cut blood and make meat to cook porridge for his wife.

However, his wife’s condition did not improve at all. Friends and neighbors heard the news and came to visit. To treat them, the farmer teased Mr. Pig.

After many days of fighting the disease, the farmer’s wife passed away. Because close relatives came to bring the crowd, the farmer had to slaughter Uncle Bo in order to have enough other food.

Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons - 9

Fairy peach

There is a perennial peach tree on its branch that is full of fruit. Among the peaches, one is really big, fuller than the rest. Under the smooth silvery hair is the red peach skin, not pink like other berries.

The peach looks really nice. The other peaches on the tree looked at it with admiration and a little bit of covetousness. Very pleased, the peach always considered himself the lord of the peaches.

One day, the owner of the garden came to pick peaches, and the big red peach exclaimed: “I am the Queen of peaches, do not pick me”. Indeed, the owner of the garden did not pick it.

Each basket of peaches in turn is transported to the market for sale. People compete to buy peaches to display on the ancestral altar, to give to the elderly to wish them a long life.

Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons - 10


The whole family gathered to enjoy the sound and delicious taste of peaches. Under the roofs, the family atmosphere is filled with joy and laughter with the appearance of peaches.

Only the peach “Empress” left alone on the tree. The sun lowers the fog making it dwindle every day. Its haughty beauty gradually turned into a peach. In the end, the peach fell to the ground, rotting.

I don’t know when falling into disrepair, the peach realized that the meaning of life lies in showing one’s self-worth, when it becomes useful to others.

The other peaches in the story have all done that, only the peach that calls itself “Empress” falls to the ground in vain.

Life is so short, for life to have meaning, each person must try to bring joy and happiness to others.

Top 4 short fables that teach children meaningful lessons - 11

Meaning and good lessons from fables

Fables use metaphors or personifications of animals or people to condemn a certain issue, or human vices.

Each fable is a moral lesson with very high moral educational value, teaching children the right things in life, directing people to good things.

Top 4 short fables, teaching children meaningful lessons - 12

Each parable is a moral lesson with very high moral educational value.

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