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Viettel demonstrates digital transformation ecosystem in Soc Trang

Viettel is a business technology The only demonstration of the digital transformation ecosystem at the event of the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of Soc Trang province and the Investment Promotion Conference of Soc Trang province.

At the event, Viettel brought to the ecosystem of digital transformation products that it is deploying in Ho Chi Minh City. Soc Trang, consists of 3 main pillars: digital government, digital society, digital economy based on a widespread digital infrastructure and high security technology platform.

In the field of digital government, Viettel has deployed many products, typically the Smart City Operation Center, through which the government can easily monitor, monitor and manage all activities of the city. Soc Trang. To deploy IoT smart cities, Viettel also researches and develops key equipment, such as traffic monitoring cameras, to ensure high accuracy and security.

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Customers experience the service at Viettel booth.

In the field of digital economy, Viettel builds many solutions for smart tourism and smart agriculture, typically deploying an e-commerce platform combined with digital payment, helping Soc Trang farmers easily, exchange and trade in specialties in the province through smart devices. In addition, Viettel has built a set of digital transformation solutions for businesses, effectively managing all activities of businesses and organizations.

In the field of digital society, Viettel has cooperated with Soc Trang to deploy many solutions for digital health, digital education, and support effective epidemic prevention and control. In particular, the digital citizenship application helps to increase the two-way interaction between people and local authorities; quickly solve the complaints of the people, and at the same time effectively support the management of the management agency.

Previously, on April 24, Soc Trang City People’s Committee cooperated with Viettel to officially launch 5G network and Smart City Operation Center (IOC).

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