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Want a happy marriage, remember these 3 things

When you step in marriageEveryone wants to receive respect and love from each other. And often according to the thinking of the majority, we give, make a lot of sacrifices and believe in the “sweet fruit” to receive in return. But don’t be blind and carefree, because how you present yourself in the relationship is the key. Marriage is far beyond and very different from imagination, only by experiencing can you truly learn valuable lessons. Here are 3 things that are extremely worth keeping in mind if you want to keep them the marriage long lasting.

Trying to be strong will backfire, the man who loves you won’t need his wife to work hard

In life, there are many problems and problems that require both people to understand each other. Of course woman She can also suffer more or less, for example, if she has a husband who works away from home for a long time, is busy, or because of the nature of work, it has a negative impact on her emotions. But that’s not why we keep trying to be strong, pretending to understand. Do you work hard, go back to the rear to take care of him every meal and sleep and think they will also respond kindly? Not sure. When a man has received sacrifices from his wife without you complaining, they will easily take it for granted. Even with husbands with good economic conditions, they think of this as their “worthy” reward.

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There must be a time to be lame, a little lazy for him to understand that you also have a certain limit and stamina. Or should there be a time when you are harsh, stand up for yourself so that your husband understands that the two people in the relationship are equal and argue equally. If you keep embracing it all, acting strong, sooner or later the day will come and the marriage will be extremely difficult to save. On the other hand, remember that a man who really loves you will never let you be absolutely strong.

Men can think very simply, don’t overcomplicate it

Sometimes in daily life, there are contradictions between husband and wife. For example, a husband who dresses simply can wear the same clothes over and over again for a long time. But on the contrary, the wife likes to shop and buy clothes. If she wants to go out, she needs to look as beautiful as possible. Or like a husband who prefers to call, while his wife just wants to text a lot.

When that contradiction occurs, many people think that men do not respect themselves, and despise differences, and do not respect each other. But in fact, they are just thinking simply, nothing else. Wear less clothes because they don’t want to think too much, time consuming choices. Calling instead of texting is also for them to grasp information clearly and quickly. Please respect the difference, as long as it does not affect the feelings of both. That way life will be easier to breathe, lighter.

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Not only love, keep yourself respect

There are many women in a marriage relationship that only has feelings. No money, no property, no respect or recognition from the other party. If you let that situation continue, you will be completely inferior to the other side, so how can you maintain a stable and equal marriage?

At least, have a separate position, be financially independent, have the right to participate in important family affairs. At the same time, you should also keep yourself respectful, that is, what you do, he must be known, and must not be underestimated. Only love is too fragile, can’t help you stay with that person for a long time. Maybe later on, a man will easily fall and get caught up in frivolous things, but if he has a wife who has both love and sanity at home, he probably won’t be able to step foot in the wrong way. be wrong. They will also give you the utmost respect. 3-dieu-dat-gia-nay-20220429182227542.chn

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