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What to do to reduce motion sickness? Those who are prone to motion sickness remember to avoid doing these 5 things when getting on the train

Motion sickness occurs when several senses of the body perceive movement and transmit data to the brain in different ways, causing the brain to become disoriented. Dr Sarah Brewer, UK, explains: “Your eyes tell your brain that the environment is still, but your balance organs say it’s not, and this causes motion sickness.”

Research shows that children 2-12 years old and women, especially those who are pregnant, are more susceptible to motion sickness. In addition, people with migraines and ear disorders also have a higher risk of motion sickness, according to Joel Warsh, a doctor in Los Angeles (USA). There are people who, even though they haven’t gotten into the car, are already drunk just thinking about the scene.

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Motion sickness happens to make you very tired. Illustration

To avoid motion sickness, the following should be noted:

Research shows that the following problems make motion sickness worse, including: Reading (39%), rear-facing (38%), sitting in the back seat (31%), drinking alcohol before go (16%), surf smart devices (15%). Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to all these factors to stay away from them.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following to overcome motion sickness:

Do not eat much before the trip: Avoid eating “heavy” foods (rice, sticky rice) before the trip. Avoid spicy, hot, spicy foods that slow down the body’s ability to digest, causing nausea. If you want, you can have a little snack before you get in the car.

Drink medicine with order: If you have a history of motion sickness, it is best to take medication. The market now has patches, pills, bracelets, candy… to help you fight motion sickness effectively. Most of these drugs work by blocking the effects of acetylcholine on the central nervous system, helping you to effectively reduce drunkenness. Certain antihistamines called cinnarizine also help prevent nausea.

When getting in the car, avoid looking horizontally and vertically: So try to relax, don’t look at the outside scenery too much, otherwise you will get drunk easily. It is best to look directly at a fixed point. You can also close your eyes and breathe evenly. If possible, offer to take the front seat, rather than the back seat.

Try to get some fresh air outside the doorway, if conditions permit.

Use herbal teas with ginger and mint… helps the stomach relax, reduces the amount of gastric acid, thereby helping to reduce the feeling of nausea. You can also smell lemon peels, oranges… for less discomfort.

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