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Yuan Jia Man left Hong Kong after a scandal with a millionaire father and son

Yuan Jia Man called his love affair with Chung Boi Sanh a toxic relationship. She had a mental breakdown after being betrayed by him.

April 30, HK01 Reportedly, Vien Gia Man left Hong Kong, went to France to start a new life, revived his spirit after the conflict and love affair with businessman Chung Boi Sanh. She currently lives in the capital, Bordeaux.

Above HK01Vien Gia Man said psychological crisis when being abandoned by millionaire Chung Boi Sanh to go back and forth with actress Diep Thien Van.

“I have been heartbroken for a long time. I have been suffering from insomnia, loss of appetite. I have sought the help of a doctor, but my condition has not improved. I need a new environment to release all frustrations and negative energy. polarity, restore health, and regain faith in human nature”former star TVB To share.

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The relationship between Vien Gia Man and Chung Boi Sanh caused controversy in public opinion. Photo: On.

Yuan Jiamin said there is no financial burden. She is living in a large, secluded mansion. The actress plans to take her parents to France to take care of them. Miss Hong Kong 2009 wants to settle down in France.

In early April, Vien Gia Man attracted attention with an article criticizing Hong Kong’s real estate and e-sports entrepreneurs, Chung Nhan Vy and Chung Boi Sanh. She describes the billionaire father and son as “slutty, selfish, problematic personality and often makes bizarre demands on her”.

Before the accusations of Vien Gia Man, Chung Boi Sanh denied that his family had improper behavior with the female artist. He said Vien Gia Man intentionally made up stories to smear the honor of the Chung family to ask for money after the breakup.

According to On, Chung Boi Sanh dated Vien Gia Man in mid-2021. During the time back and forth, the young businessman financially supported Vien Gia Man after listening to her talk about difficulties in life. By the beginning of 2022, Chung Boi Sanh fell in love with the actress Diep Thien Van and bid farewell to Vien Gia Man.

Betrayed by her boyfriend, suddenly losing her financial support, made Miss Hong Kong 2009 angry, deciding to reveal the dark side of the Chung family to the media.

Vien Gia Man was born in 1984, emerged after winning the title of Miss Photo at the contest Miss Hong Kong 2009. She used to participate in movies like From Vegas To Macau, Slaughter 2, Lives Of Omission, Prison Flowers. With a sexy body, Vien Gia Man also acted in high school movies.

According to Zing

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