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In the office environment, we all want to get along with everyone, have the opportunity to compete in a healthy way and promote our full potential. However, life is inherently not like a dream, so there will always be good people beside those who are clever. Let’s take a look at these “familiar faces”.

1. I’m not a boss but I like to direct

This is the type of person who just needs “Without the owner, the chicken grows shrimp tail”. When the boss is absent from the office, it is also the time when they like to send others errands, show understanding and direct everyone, especially new employees.

They can be close associates of their bosses, experts in flattery or possess the blood of their ancestors. And of course, with such an attitude that likes to teach life, it will definitely be shunned by colleagues.

5 objects of hate at work: Not a boss but like to direct people, do little but good at stealing work - Photo 1.

The person who flatters hates but unfortunately the boss is a person who likes to listen to flattery

2. Professional Robbery

There is no denying the ingenuity in the way of talking and acting of professional bandits. They know how to approach and build trust in innocent prey, how to exploit information and of course, they also know the fastest method of “grabbing” as possible.

Have you ever witnessed a new employee cry in anger when her ideas and plans are in the hands of her boss but under the signature of someone she has always trusted? Be careful or you don’t want to fall prey to these professional hunters!

3. Use a dirty meter

In the workplace, you will encounter many cases just because jealousy stabs you in the back. They can keep an eye on your loopholes to report to their superiors. In addition, they also intentionally give false information so that you are punished and fired. In many cases, you are too gullible to fall into the dirty scheme of the other bad co-worker. When understanding the problem, many people only know how to be angry to the point of crying.

In order not to fall into the trap of bad colleagues, you should carefully check the information before receiving it. Don’t be in a hurry to put your trust and give secrets to others. Maybe you’re giving eggs to the bad guys. One fine day, a “good” coworker will threaten you with that information.

5 objects of hate at work: Not being a boss but liking to direct people, doing little but good at stealing work - Photo 2.

A lot of people are willing to rob their colleagues to benefit

4. Super flattering

There is an old saying that “mouth to mouth supports limbs”, well-spoken people always win the hearts of their superiors and enjoy many benefits. But sometimes, that “skill” is so obvious that it backfires, when it almost exposes all their inherent slutty, flattering and fake nature. It seems that instead of using gray matter to prove their ability, many people prefer to use their saliva and knees to advance.

These people can think of all sorts of tricks to entertain their boss and are also ready to badmouth any co-workers they feel “itchy”. Surely your company also “owns” a few such great Hoa Than gods?

5. Debt specialist

Worse than the “inflammation of the sac” is having to become an unwilling creditor of the people who have a number of cheeks in the company. Some have the concept of borrowing money but have removed payment from the dictionary entirely.

These subjects are ready to cry today to be able to drain the last bucks in your pocket for a million reasons why people can’t help but feel compassion, so that tomorrow you will have a surprised to see that they were able to buy a good outfit right away, or take a selfie at a luxury restaurant.

5 objects of hate at work: Not being a boss but liking to direct people, doing little but good at stealing work - Photo 3. study

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