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“Adultery with her husband”, how to keep her husband that not all wives know-Young friend

Sunday, May 1, 2022 13:10 PM (GMT+7)

There are many reasons why a man commits adultery. However, the way to bind her husband’s heart by “having an affair with her own husband” is not known to every wife.

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After a period of marriage, women often feel worried and afraid that their husbands will find someone else to take their place in his heart. And the man with countless reasons that go on the path of adultery. But surely one of the common things is that the third person has to have something more than you to make him unable to resist the temptation.

In fact, men often like attractive, sexy girls, because loving beauty is inherent in men. They also like sweetness. Therefore, “pho” girls have the ability to be sweet, gentle, and pamper better men.

Psychologist Ha Anh said that men often only look to other women when their women do not meet their own needs. The secret to not having an affair is to become the third person in your love life. Women turn themselves into “Pho” and give him the feeling that he is having an affair. Let him have an affair but without fear, stress, loss, and not ashamed of his actions, because the person with whom he cheated is also his wife.

In these ways, let’s make yourself the secret woman of your husband, the love between husband and wife is stronger:

+ Run away from home to have a secret date

Think about how long it’s been since you and your spouse have had a private date. Not every morning meeting is more than enough for a fulfilling life. In fact, a man loves to date in a crowded place but no one recognizes the two of you, exchange affectionate gestures without being afraid because there are many people watching, or simply hold your hand and walk around the street without looking at each other. think about work tomorrow. That is the feeling when adultery brings, as a wife, she can also give him this feeling.

+ Nightly messages

Imagine the two of you are sitting next to each other reading a book, but sometimes you pick up your phone and surreptitiously read messages from the person next to you. This feeling is both like you are secretly doing something wrong, and like when you first fell in love, the two of you texted and laughed every night to yourself. In a moment, you have successfully brought your husband back to his youth.

+ Sexy

Don’t think that he has once conquered her and brought her back as a bride is everything. Give your husband a feeling of conquest because men like the feeling of being conquered. You can learn a few tricks to seduce him, make him sink in the image of his wife, but make him not easy to get. This stimulates conquest, possessiveness in men. You can completely change your image so that your husband does not feel bored and goes looking for strange things.

+ Sometimes flirting with him

The “pho” girls love to flirt with their lovers. The fact that you appear weak and need him will make his protective instincts rise and love you more.

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