Car plunges into precipice, seriously injuring 5 family members

Information from the Office of Traffic Safety Committee of Lai Chau province said that in the locality, a traffic accident occurred, a car plunged into a cliff, injuring 5 people.

Accordingly, on the morning of April 30, at km 19+200, provincial road 136, in the territory of Chuong Nui village, Ban Hon commune, Tam Duong district (Lai Chau), an accident occurred. traffic accidents serious.

The driver was born in 1985, residing in Hanoi, driving a car in the direction of Tam Duong to Lai Chau city, carrying his wife and 3 children, when moving to the above location, he lost control and plunged into the cliff. .

The car plunged into the cliff, seriously injuring 5 family members-1
The scene of the accident.

The accident severely damaged the car, two young children broke their left thigh, the other three suffered multiple injuries. The victims are currently being treated at Tam Duong District Medical Center.

The initial cause was determined that the driver was not familiar with the mountainous road, encountered a slippery road in the rain, lost control, causing the car to plunge into the cliff.

According to VOV

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