Chinese martial arts on screen past and present

The audience is upset because the martial arts scenes on the current TV series look fake, depending on the effects.

Sina In the past few days, there are constantly videos comparing martial arts in China on the screen from the 2000s to the present.

In which, the most mentioned is the scene of Liu Yifei in God Condor (2006) and Zhang Zhiyao in Department of Luu Huong Tan Truyen (2012), compared to Zhao Lusi’s performance in Release Thien Ha or Bach Chu with the role of Doan Du in Thien Long Bat Bo (2021).

Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yifei

According to Sinain one thread is Reviving martial arts moviesthe audience praised the martial arts scene with the silk rope of actress Trieu Lo Tu, the role of Bach Phong Tich in the TV series. Release Thien Ha. This is a strong and different female lead role in Trieu Lo Tu’s career.

However, the audience thinks that this is an article to promote the producer’s film. In fact, viewers judged that Trieu Lo Tu’s attack lacked power, abused techniques, making the martial arts scene unsightly and satisfying.

She was compared to her senior Liu Yifei, who played the role of Tieu Long Nu in the movie God Condor (2006), also used the silk band as a weapon. Although it has been filmed for more than 15 years, the audience still thinks that Liu Yifei’s martial arts scene is more beautiful.

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Trieu Lo Tu’s martial arts scene was compared to Liu Yifei.

Liu Yifei also learned to dance from a young age, helping her movements to be beautiful, with standard posture. It can be seen that Liu Yifei performs many difficult splits, her body is supple, when she flies in the air, it feels light.

In addition, Liu Yifei’s beautiful appearance and strong temperament were also praised.

“Liu Yifei’s performances have supporting techniques, but watching the movie, she can still see her using force, the movements are difficult to show many and beautiful”, Sina comment.

According to Sinawhen participating in the movie God Condor, Liu Yifei is only 18 years old, but she does most of the aerial combat scenes herself. The beauty was once hit on the head by her co-star, so painful that she lay motionless on the ground. Liu Yifei was also injured in the neck, leading to sequelae.

In contrast, footage of Trieu Lo Tu allegedly taking advantage of camera angles, cutting corners because the actress has no martial arts background, hard movements.

Trieu Lo Tu mostly used silk ropes to swing back and forth, his movements were powerless, his expression was poor, and he could not show the image of a martial arts master. She also used stunts in difficult acrobatic scenes.

The fake martial arts scene is a problem for dramas

According to SinaThe way martial arts is shown on the screen today has many differences and does not receive the love of the viewers. Many movies like Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky (2019), Snow Trung Han Knife Hanh (2021), was criticized for many slow motion scenes.

Movies like Release Thien Ha choose to speed up the scene, but abuse the effects. Sina also suggested that the fact that the current martial arts scene looks fake is a big part of the martial arts direction.

Action director Zhang Zebin shared that one person only worked as a martial arts assistant for a few years, for one or two sets TV series famous has been able to act as an action director for other film projects.

Their action scenes are not neat because of their lack of experience, their filmmaking thinking is not suitable for the audience’s tastes.

According to Truong Trach Bin, the martial arts scene is not just about showing off moves and punches to see who wins. Martial arts movements must also show the character’s personality and the situation they are going through.

When designing moves, directing action needs to understand the content of the film and why the action scene needs to happen like that, how the character possesses martial arts, not just imitate and use slow motion method.“, director Ton Van Tri said.

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The performance of Bach Chu’s martial arts Lang Ba Vi Bo in “Thien Long Bat Bo” (2021) and Kim Han’s martial arts in “Ku Cuu Linh” were ridiculed. The audience compares with Truong Tri Nghieu’s performance in “So Luu Huong Tan Truyen” (first photo).

According to SohuPreviously, three-person martial arts scenes took a week to film. And now, martial arts filming is done in-house, with a green backdrop, and all the time in just one day.

Due to time pressure, the action director had to find ways to cope, which could not guarantee quality. But then, the post-processing is not proper, causing the scene to become fake, lacking the grandeur and authenticity of the real scene.

In addition, the current rush of filmmaking, not focusing on the design and implementation of action scenes is also the cause of poor quality martial arts scenes on the screen.

Reviews of movies Snow Trung Han Knife Hanhabove Douban Thousands of viewers expressed that they want to see a movie with fast, powerful martial arts moves. However, the film’s martial arts direction abuses special effects.

According to him, because he wanted to show the internal strength of the moves and true qi of martial arts masters, he should film in a new way. However, this change did not receive the applause of the audience.

Prior to Snow Trung Han Knife Hanhmovie Phong Khoi Luoyang was also criticized for using a lot of slow-motion scenes in the action sequences.

In 2019, Ỷ Heavenly Do Dragon Sign received only 4.9 quality points above Douban. Audiences criticized the production team for using too much slow motion in fight scenes, even scenes as simple as stepping in or pulling the whip.

The film is considered to have a good context, the plot is not bad, but the audience is upset about how the director sets up the martial arts scene.

Besides, Sina He also commented that today’s stars do not have a martial arts background, nor do they bother to invest in acting. Both the actor and actress prefer a thin and weak appearance, so they are not suitable for fight scenes that require strength.

“The actors in the olden days when filming martial arts scenes had a proud posture, straight shoulders, flexible limbs, light steps, and flat faces.

Comparing Kim Han’s air-gun use scene in ‘Kuu Linh’ and Truong Tri Nghieu in ‘So Luu Huong new story’ clearly shows the decline of the actors.“.

According to Zing

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