Creatures that can break into the toilet and make you “cry out”

1. Snakes

Creatures that can break into the toilet and make you

Snakes love cool, wet, and dark places, which is why your toilet pipes can be so appealing to them. In fact, there are two ways that snakes can get into your toilet, especially the toilet bowl.

The first is through an opening in your home such as a window opening or sliding door. When it’s especially hot and dry in the summer, snakes will seek out water, and the toilet is the perfect place for them to get in.

The second way snakes can get into the toilet is through a drain hole. Sewers can be a hiding place for rats and mice. Snakes will crawl into drains in search of food. They can get through the drain and accidentally wriggle through the bend to get to your toilet.

It is quite rare for snakes to enter the toilet. Most snake handlers catch snakes from the backyard or bedroom, not from the toilet. However, heat can cause snakes to come out more often, so occurrences could increase if you don’t put in place prevention mechanisms to prevent snakes from entering your home.

2. Mouse

Creatures that can break into the toilet and make you

National Geographic conducted an experiment to verify the veracity of a widespread urban myth about rats. This rodent is thought to be able to pass through long and maze-like drainage pipes and then get through the toilet to enter the house. Rats are excellent “swimmers”, and they can even stay underwater for up to three minutes. Nature has endowed rats with great flexibility with a body structure suitable for burrowing into any hole their small head can get through.

Like snakes, rats are also constantly chasing food and our pipes can be very appealing to them. In homes where the toilet and garbage were in the same pipe, rats were more likely to find their way in. And because their bones are so flexible, they can swim through pipes and hold their breath for several minutes before they reach your toilet.

The story of rats entering the house through the sewer is not a myth, it is true. Even in remote places like in the small town of Portland, Oregon (USA), authorities say they receive calls every month from residents complaining that there are rats in the toilet bowl. It’s hard to imagine the rat raging in the big cities!

3. Lizard

Creatures that can break into the toilet and make you

In the Southwestern United States, it is quite common for lizards to get through toilet pipes. That’s because these creatures love water and they try to forage wherever they can. Crickets and other insects (like flies) can be found in abundance in a toilet’s plumbing if it’s not kept clean.

4. Possums

Creatures that can break into the toilet and make you

In 2008, a man was in his bathroom in Australia when he noticed water in the toilet overflowing. Some time later, a marsupial appeared (Possums) and this is not the first time this has happened. In another, a woman found a dead possum in her toilet. These unusual guests are in fact excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for long periods of time – that’s why they can get into your toilet in a similar way to mouse species.

5. How to prevent and respond to these incidents

Keep your toilet clean: This may sound obvious, but you really need to clean your toilet regularly and neatly. Disinfectant cleaners are perfect for that job, plus you can use white wine vinegar or salt. You can also get one of the cleaners to stick to the toilet bowl and give off a nice scent every time you flush.

Stay dry: Most pests love high humidity and that is why they will be attracted to damp bathroom floors. So it’s important to get rid of any standing water on the sink or floor after you’ve finished showering. If you notice any leaks in your plumbing, call a technician immediately and fix them.

Clean pipes naturally: You can add sugar, water, vinegar and 5-10 drops of dish soap to a bottle. Mix all of this together and pour it down your toilet or bathroom sink. You can also pour some boiling water into the toilet bowl.

Call a pest control company: If you don’t have the time or courage to deal with these animals on your own when they show up in your toilet, call the professionals and let them use it. their heavy duty cleaners. Once you’re done, you can occasionally flush the drain with detergent solution to make sure they don’t climb up the toilet.

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