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Customers must book a whole month in advance

Every holiday, the number of customers renting self-driving cars increases, causing a series of these service businesses to “sold out”.

Self-drive car rental for the holiday of April 30: Customers must book a whole month in advance - 1

Self-driving car rental service is always “sold out” every holiday. (Illustration)

Self-driving cars “sold out”

Having a need to rent a self-driving car to go home with his family for 4 days of public holidays April 30 and May 1, Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh (Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi) is struggling to find The facility also has a car for rent.

According to Mr. Tuan Anh, because he has a young child and a new wife, he decided to rent a self-driving car to bring his family back to his hometown of Nam Dinh for the holidays. However, because it was the first time using this service, he did not think of having to book a car early, so it has been 2 days since he has been struggling to find a self-drive car rental facility.

Every place says that the car is out of stock, in some places, the rental price is too high. My job can’t arrange the time before the holiday is too far, so I can’t book a car early. I will try to find more from now until tomorrow morning, if I can’t rent a car, I can only hire a taxi.” Tuan Anh shared.

Just found a car to rent for 1.2 million VND a day, Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc said that he and his group of friends had to accept a higher price than usual to be able to rent a car after all day searching. sword.

“Me and 3 friends invited each other to rent a self-drive car to travel to Cat Ba for the holiday on April 30. But because the car rental was too close to the date, it was very difficult to find a facility with only one car left. Although the rental price is higher than usual, my group has 4 people, so if we split it up, it is still within an acceptable cost.” Duc said.

According to the survey, in self-driving car rental forums on social networks, there are many posts looking for car rental, but many posts do not receive feedback or receive comments that the time is close to the ability to find car rentals. Getting a rental car facility is very difficult.

Responding to VTC News, the owner of a self-driving car rental business in Hanoi said that at the moment, the car is out of stock, customers who want to rent for the holiday must book from 2 weeks to 2 weeks. more than a month ago.

Self-drive car rental for the holiday of April 30: Customers must book a whole month in advance - 2

Guests who wish to rent a self-drive car for the holidays must book 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. (Illustration)

“Sold out” but the lessor is also not happy

Contacting dozens of self-driving car rental facilities in Hanoi, PV VTC News all received shakes their heads because they ran out of cars.

The owner of a self-driving car rental facility on Khuc Thua Du street (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) said that his facility still has a Mazda 3 brand car he just picked up during the day to return to tenants. But because it is a new car, the price is also much higher.

I just went to get it from the company, the new car has only 2km, if rented, the price is 1.6 million VND per day. Since it’s a brand new car, the price must be as high as a holiday”, this person shared.

The owner of this establishment has more than 40 cars for rent, all of which have been booked and handed over before the official holiday.

With 40 rental cars, it is estimated that this holiday will earn nearly 200 million VND, but it is not happy because the “sold out” of the holiday also makes self-driving car hirers face a lot of difficulties.

“I don’t like holidays, I’d rather have guests every weekday. Dozens of my cars had to stay at home for 3-4 days before the ceremony. Received a car reservation for a customer, if you rent it to someone else, they will have a job, it is not possible to have a car to hand over to the customer on holidays. So dozens of cars lay dormant for days, losing income for those days. Moreover, such a large number of car hirers also makes it more difficult for the owners to control. This establishment owner explains.

According to research, if customers have a need to rent a car during the holidays, many of these service providers have offered full 4-day rental packages with more favorable prices, ranging from VND 800,000 to VND 800,000. 1.5 million VND for each vehicle. Tenants who rent a few days, or do not have all 4 holidays, will have to pay a higher price even though they have paid a deposit a whole month in advance.

“Customers only rent for 2 or 3 days, the rest of the days no one rents those cars. So we have to charge a higher price to make up for this. If guests rent a package, the price will be much cheaper”this person said.

The majority of establishments surveyed by VTC News confirmed that the price of self-driving car rental on holidays has not changed much compared to weekdays. However, customers who want to rent must book very early and do not have many car models to choose from.

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