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Duong Mich temporarily stops working

The actress said she was physically and mentally tired after many years of maintaining a large workload. She wanted to rest for a while.

On April 30, Sohu reported Yang Mi as the cover face of the May issue of Madame Figaro Homes fashion magazine. In the interview, the female artist shared that she has to work with high intensity, 80% of the time is devoted to career development.

The large and fast-paced workload caused Duong Mich to be overloaded, many times falling into a state of being exhausted and confused. She said she often feels unhappy, comfortable and has a feeling that life has passed without meaning. So many months, beauty Lady Hoc Chau decided to reduce the workload, stop many artistic activities to rest.

Duong Mich temporarily suspends activities-1Duong Mich temporarily suspends activities-2
Duong Mich fell into a state of fatigue because of having to maintain a high intensity of work for a long time. Photo: Sohu.

I pressed the pause button to recreate myself. I think everyone should take care of themselves first, live in the present, spend their limited energy and experience on meaningful things instead of just burying their heads in their careers.”Duong Mich shared.

According to Sina, Duong Mich is famous for being a “crazy” artist in Chinese showbiz. She revealed that she only slept a few hours a day because she was busy running the show from attending events, filming to recording TV shows. Sohu said that Duong Mich used to film in a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. Not only that, the female artist also had to run the Gia Hanh entertainment company, arrange and lead many junior stars to develop their careers.

Yang Mi is China’s top 8X star today. According to Sina, from the beginning of 2022 until now, she has photographed 21 covers for 11 famous fashion magazines in the land of billions of people. As an expensive artist in commercial activities, Duong Mich is facing difficulties in his acting career.

In the past 5 years, the actress has not had any successful projects. Duong Mich was judged to have chosen a script that was not suitable for the age of 36. She often got bogged down in the form of purely entertaining films, the characters lacked depth.

After completing the movie The 80/20 Law of Love, Duong Mich has not yet had a new project. Her film career was bleak.

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