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Germany raises conditions for lifting Western sanctions on Russia

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on May 1 announced Western sanctions against Russia because of the campaign military of the country in Ukraine will not be removed if Moscow does not withdraw its troops from the neighboring country.

In an interview with the newspaper Bild (Germany), Foreign Minister Baerbock explained that “a ceasefire could be just the first step” when it comes to lifting the embargo, according to RT Radio. “It is clear to us that sanctions can only be lifted if Russia withdraws its troops,” Baerbock stressed. She also said that peace on Russia’s terms would not bring security to Ukraine or Europe but “will lead to another war, even closer to our borders”.

According to Baerbock, Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine has “irreparably destroyed” peace in Europe and the international community has a responsibility to ensure Ukraine is strong enough to make its own decisions.

Germany raised conditions for lifting Western sanctions on Russia - Photo 1

Russian servicemen with ZU-23 anti-aircraft missile systems in Kharkiv province in eastern Ukraine

RT screen capture

Since Russia launched military campaign in Ukraine on February 24, the European Union (EU) approved five packages of sanctions targeting Moscow and is preparing a sixth package of sanctions, according to RT. Besides, America and a number of other countries outside the EU have also repeatedly imposed sanctions targeting the leadership and many sectors of the Russian economy.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said on March 14 that Russia will not ask the US and EU member states to lift sanctions against Russia. Mr. Vershinin stated that pressure from the West and world Nor will it change the course of Moscow.

According to Vershinin, both Washington and the EU have “tried very hard” to impose sanctions against Russia as much as possible to reverse the Kremlin’s course, to “force Russia to change the decisions that have been made”. , but “nothing will happen”.

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