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Gigabyte breaks DDR5 RAM overclocking record, hits 10,022MT/s

On April 26, MSI made a big splash when it successfully forced a single DDR5 stick to cross the 5,000MHz “red line”, hitting 5.002MHz or DDR5-10004 MT/s, thereby establishing a New record for overclocking RAM. However, just 2 days later, Gigabyte achieved even more impressive achievement when pushing the clock limit of a single DDR5 stick to 5.011MHz or 10,022MT/s, officially breaking the new record only was set up 48 hours earlier by MSI.

This success belongs to the Gigabyte OC team, led by experienced overclocker HiCookie. The board used in the test is a special model for overclocking: Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Tachyon. Comes with it is an Intel Core i9-12900K processor, two UDIMM and AORUS DDR5 RAM slots. In addition, with such “hard core” overclocking requirements, the LN2 cooling solution will of course be the optimal choice. The HiCookie team has also lowered the processor clock to 2.1GHz to ensure the relevant technical requirements.

Gigabyte broke the DDR5 RAM overclocking record, hitting the threshold of 10,022MT/s - Photo 1.

Test configuration

Peak speed was recorded at 10022 MT/s (5011 MHz), with a cas timing of 46-58-58-46-104-2 (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC-tCR). Thus, this score is higher than MSI’s previous achievement of about 9MHz (18MT/s), and officially set a new world record.

For a visual comparison, the overclocking configuration used by MSI in the previous test was the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 memory on the MEG Z690 UNIFY-X motherboard. Unlike Gigabyte, MSI used the flagship SKU of the Intel Core i9-12900KS Alder Lake-S.

At the present time, the usual clock speed of commercially available DDR5 RAM kits will be below 7000MT/s. Therefore, being able to push the clock beyond the 10000 MT/s threshold is truly a feat. Of course these extreme overclocks won’t be suitable for day-to-day use cases due to component longevity issues, but it shows just how amazing the limits of speed a stick of DDR5 ram can be. any.

(Refer to Quantrimang)

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