Guests were slashed 42 million in Nha Trang, what is the truth?

On April 30, the interdisciplinary inspection team of Nha Trang city has just reported the verification results of visitors’ claims that they were “hacked” when eating seafood at CS restaurant.

Previously, on the evening of April 28, on MXH appeared a post of VTH account with the content: “I took a taxi from hotel I. I got on a taxi and I said it to TS 2. But the taxi driver took it to CS and said this is TS 2.

When I arrived at the restaurant, the staff of the restaurant greeted me and told me to book a table in advance, they also led me in. Because I came in from Hanoi and didn’t know the way, I just knew that someone booked TS 2 but was brought here by a taxi like it was, I also thought Thanh Suong 2 was real and went in to order food.

My group went with 14 people when paying, the price was like this. Can anyone give me the hotline number in Nha Trang I want to report about slash and slash Tourists, like this, I find Nha Trang tourism too scary.”

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The article shared that the restaurant “destroyed” tourists

The above article has quickly received much attention on forums with thousands of interactions.

April 29, share with PV Youth OnlineMr. D.VM (a tourist in the same group as VTH) said, the above account is the wife of a friend in the group that day, urgently posting on social networks.

This person said, around 10 pm on April 27, after leaving the bar, he asked the bar staff to call a taxi to take him to TS 2 seafood restaurant, but when he went to CS restaurant, the taxi driver left his group. went down and said this was TS2 restaurant, then the staff called him into the shop and his team didn’t think much of it because the shop was quite clean and had fresh food.

“I and a friend who came first to order conical snails were told more than 600,000 VND / 1 kg, 10 people each 1 child. We ordered 10 shellfish, but the shop did not notify us and made us wait for more than 1 hour. The new watch can bring out 10 cones.

At around 0:00, all of you left, I stood up to pay, at that time the staff brought out 2 leathery cowfish, which fell into 8 pounds. After paying more than 42 million while less than 20 people, the shop did not say how long to work, no one in the group touched their chopsticks more than 10 times.

When it comes to payment and menu questions, the staff at the restaurant is too horny to make it difficult. I see that this is a pre-arranged arrangement, the amount of food, the unit price is similar, but the other restaurant reports 20 million cheaper. Mr. M said.

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Invoice of 42.5 million dong with the article “chop guillotine”. Screenshots

Mr. M. added that after the post appeared on social networks, the restaurant owner apologized and deducted 30% of the total bill, transferring 12 million directly to Mr. M.’s account.

Notes of VietnamnetRegarding the above incident, on April 30, Mr. Phan Thanh Liem, Vice Chairman of Nha Trang City People’s Committee (Khanh Hoa) said that the city’s interdisciplinary inspection team had just reported the verification results of the Tourists think that they are “hacked” when eating seafood at CS restaurant (Nha Trang city).

“Through the inspection to determine the price is reasonable, the amount of money tourists have to pay is high because the seafood group is more than 20 people, so there is no such thing as “hacking” as shared by social networking information. has checked and will supervise this to affirm the tourism brand of Nha Trang City”.Vice Chairman of Nha Trang City People’s Committee said.

According to Mr. Liem, the inspection team’s report stated that: Through extracting the camera at the CS restaurant, it was determined that, around 10 pm on April 27, there was a group of 22 guests who came to the CS restaurant to eat seafood, not 14 people like me. information on social networks.

After arriving at the restaurant, the group of tourists went to the seafood counter to choose dishes. CS staff consulted the seafood and the customer agreed the price before processing. Choosing the food and negotiating the price is another person, but when it comes to paying, it’s another person.

According to the inspection team, compare the unit price on the retail invoice with the listed price at the establishment. However, there are some items such as Tiger beer, squid leaves, and snails that do not list prices.

Presented to the inspection team, the establishment owner believes that due to some seafood Natural source of goods is not stable, sometimes you should not forget to list the price, but there is a price agreement with the customer before processing.

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Nha Trang City’s interdisciplinary inspection team checks at CS Photo Vietnamnet

The inspection team said that they have not discovered that the seller has raised prices unreasonably when comparing the purchase and sale prices of the items at the establishment. Compared with adjacent businesses, the selling price at the establishment is relatively suitable. Check that the weighing scales have the stamp of verification and are still valid.

Through the camera, it was also determined that because of ordering too much food, there was still a lot of processed food on the table, which was packed by restaurant staff for customers to take home.

May 1, talk with Dan Tri, Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh, manager of CS seafood restaurant, confirmed that he had refunded Mr. D.VM (Bac Giang tourist, member of the group of 22 people) the amount of 12 million VND, equivalent to 30% of the payment bill. .

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Because the amount of food ordered by customers is high, the restaurant manager has to pack everything for customers to take home. Youth Photo Online

Talking about the reason for the refund, Mr. Quoc Khanh said that when the restaurant brought out two sea-skinned cowfish (8.8 kg) on ​​request, the customer group called to charge the bill. Customers complain that the dish is slow to come, but this is a thick and large fish, so it takes a long time to process. The staff explained the reason and packed the boxes for guests to take home.

“We opened a restaurant just to have a good business, so we returned them 12 million dong,” Mr. Khanh said.

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