Handing over his son and Shu Han to Zhuge Liang, why did Liu Bei leave a will for Trieu Van?

All his life he devoted himself to building an inheritance and always holding high the banner of humanity and renaissance of the Han Dynasty. Finally, Liu Bei also obtained certain achievements and had enough solid capital to establish the Shu Han dynasty and ascend to the throne. sole.

However, after the death of the famous general Quan Vu, the situation of the Three Kingdoms changed and it was this that had a significant impact on Liu Bei and Shu Han.

Losing Kinh Chau and Quan Vu, one of the most talented generals in the Three Kingdoms, Luu Bei and Thuc Han suffered great losses.

In 221, in order to avenge Guan Yu and regain Kinh Chau, Luu Bei mobilized a large number of soldiers to attack Dong Ngo. But in the end, the monarch of Thuc Han was defeated in the battle of Di Lang. After this great defeat, Liu Bei fell seriously ill in the White Emperor citadel.

Knowing his time was short, Liu Bei quickly ordered people to go to Chengdu to summon Li Yan, Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun, some other key figures, and the king’s sons. this.

At that time, Liu Bei did not call Liu Shan because he was worried that Chengdu would not be controlled, and some people might seize the opportunity to cause trouble.

Immediately after receiving orders from Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and the others immediately went to Yong’an Palace in the White Emperor Citadel.

When Liu Bei saw Zhuge Liang, he motioned for his advisor to sit down on the edge of the bed. After that, Luu Bei had the act of entrusting the orphans and the inheritance of the Shu Han Dynasty to Zhuge Liang for help.

  Handing over his son and Shu Han to Zhuge Liang, why did Liu Bei leave a will for Trieu Van?  - Photo 1.

Liu Bei handed over Luu Thien and Thuc Han to Zhuge Liang.

Liu Bei told Zhuge Liang that the prime minister’s talent was ten times greater than that of Cao Phi, and he would definitely do great things. For Luu Thien, if he can help, then help, and if he is incompetent, change it yourself.

After hearing this, Zhuge Liang cried and said that he would give all his strength, and at the same time promised to be faithful and devoted to Luu Thien and the Shu Han family until the end.

Liu Bei also called his son Lu Vuong, Luu Vinh came to warn his brothers: “After I die, your brothers must treat the prime minister like a father…“.

On the same day, Liu Bei also called the courtiers and announced the sending of Luu Thien to Zhuge Liang and Ly Nghiem as deputy and main assistant.

This is indeed a high-handed move of Liu Bei to test Zhuge Liang’s heart. If Zhuge Liang hesitated or reacted slowly at that time, perhaps the situation would change. However, Prime Minister Zhuge Liang’s reaction was as expected by Liu Bei.

  Handing over his son and Shu Han to Zhuge Liang, why did Liu Bei leave a will for Trieu Van?  - Photo 2.

After Liu Bei passed away, Zhuge Liang wholeheartedly supported the late owner Luu Thien.

In addition, before his death, Luu Bei also emphasized to Zhuge Liang 1 sentence, meaning: Do not respect Trieu Van.

After the act of entrusting the children to Zhuge Liang, both his successor son Luu Thien and the Shu Han dynasty were handed over to Zhuge Liang, but Liu Bei called Trieu Van to come and give private instructions.

Why did Liu Bei call Trieu Van privately? What did the monarch of Thuc Han say to the martial general considered the most perfect of the Three Kingdoms?

Before he died, why did Liu Bei want to meet Trieu Van?

After entrusting Shu Han’s orphans and career to Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun is the person Liu Bei wants to meet the most.

Trieu Van has been following Liu Bei for a long time. This martial general is always loyal and devoted to Liu Bei and the Shu Han dynasty without regard to personal interests. The proof is that in the battle of Truong Ban in 208, Trieu Van alone broke through the siege in front of thousands of Cao troops to save Liu Bei’s wife and children. Thanks to Trieu Van’s extraordinary courage, Luu Thien was finally saved.

Trieu Van’s bravery and fighting ability make even a skeptical person like Cao Cao admire and want to recruit this martial artist.

  Handing over his son and Shu Han to Zhuge Liang, why did Liu Bei leave a will for Trieu Van?  - Photo 3.

Trieu Van is a martial arts general, but a rare talent in the Three Kingdoms.

In front of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei told Zhao Yun to protect the Later Master Luu Thien, and at the same time gave this martial general a supreme power. That is, if someone does not submit to Luu Thien, he can directly kill without being prosecuted.

Someone here could also be Zhuge Liang. Luu Bei’s hidden testament, but gave Trieu Van great power. Trieu Van is the “ace” that Luu Bei wants to restrain Zhuge Liang to not act rashly.

This shows Luu Bei’s absolute trust in Trieu Van, the martial general who was with him in birth, death, and even twice made great achievements to save Luu Thien’s life. Trieu Van is not only full of martial arts but also a careful person who knows the difference between right and left. Therefore, in order for Trieu Van to protect his son, Liu Bei can rest assured that he can close his eyes.

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