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He suggested losing his job because he watched “black movies” right in the parliament

According to Reuters, Neil Parish has been suspended since April 29 after he reported the incident to congressional standards commissioner Kathryn Stone. Previously, two female colleagues accused this congressman of watching pornography while sitting near them in the room, according to The Guardian.

On April 30, Mr. Parish officially resigned. “I’ve seen the anger and the damage I’ve caused to my family and to my constituents, they don’t deserve it,” Parish told the radio. BBC.

Mr. Parish said the first time he saw pornography in the House of Commons was purely coincidental, having stumbled across it on a website.

“But my crime – the biggest crime – was when I watched it a second time,” he said, adding that he was sitting inside the booth waiting to vote. “I’m going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I made a terrible mistake and I’m here to tell the world” – The Guardian quotes from former congressmen.

On the evening of April 30, Jess Phillips, the UK’s minister in charge of protection and prevention of domestic violence, said that former MP Parish had admitted to committing a crime under the Behavior Control Act. vi indecent display on all kinds of screens, issued in 1981.

The act states that if any indecent content is publicly displayed on the screen of a device, it is an offense for anyone to control that device or allow it to happen. Any content that is displayed or can be seen in almost any public place, will be considered an act of public transmission. The penalty frame includes many levels, from fine to 2 years in prison.

Ms. Phillips added that the law is not well known and is not often enforced. If the law is applied, it is likely that Mr. Parish will be considered guilty after confessing.

According to The Guardian, Mr. Parish previously said he would resign only if proven guilty. However, he changed his mind after realizing the damage he could cause to his family and to his party.

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