Ho Chi Minh City: Elevator fell, two people were paralyzed in both legs

The elevator fell from the 7th floor, causing 2 young men to fall and injure their spines.

Recently, People’s Hospital 115 (HCMC) has received 2 cases of elevator repair workers who fell down while repairing, causing spinal injuries.

Both cases were promptly saved by doctors to save lives. However, due to severe injuries, both legs were paralyzed.

Ho Chi Minh City: Elevator fell, two people were paralyzed in both legs-1
X-ray results of straight chest, right ankle of the patients. (Photo: provided by the hospital)

2 male patients were admitted to the hospital in a state of pain, complete paralysis of both legs, urinary retention… Exploring the medical history, while the 28-year-old male patient, from Hai Duong, was repairing elevator cables, his colleague (26) age, hometown Tien Giang) stepped on the ladder, causing the ladder to overload and fall from the 7th floor.

After being admitted to the hospital, both underwent emergency surgery to straighten the spine, decompress the spinal cord… After the surgery, both continued to practice rehabilitation with tools such as wheelchairs, crutches, splints… to be able to move. independently carry out daily activities.

Doctors also recommend patients to be persistent in exercise to prevent complications and secondary injuries for people with spinal cord injuries such as pressure sores, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and blood clots. deep veins, muscle atrophy, stiffness, deformity…

The exercise program includes breathing exercises, coughing exercises, correct posture exercises, range-of-motion exercises, bed mobility exercises, and moving from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.

According to doctors, spinal cord injuries are common in daily life and work, in which, work accidents (20%) are often caused by falls from a height and leave very severe paralysis sequelae.

Patients often spend a lot of money on treatment, prolonged care, and rehabilitation. In particular, accident victims may lose their ability to live and work.

Through the above cases, the doctors emphasized, employers need to issue and implement detailed recommendations, regulations, procedures, and thorough training for employees on safety. ensure labor safety, prevent unfortunate occupational accidents.

In addition, it is necessary to have policies on occupational accident insurance, cost support, and encouragement for those unfortunate employees who have accidents during their work.

For workers, pay attention to follow strict occupational safety guidelines, especially pay attention to safety precautions in cases of working under high-risk conditions such as climbing and repairing positions. high intelligence, machine repair, complicated technical labor operations that do not ensure balance or have no sure means of protection.

In addition, employees should fully understand the occupational accident insurance policy of the host company to ensure their legal rights.

According to the Workers

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