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Holding a wedding at an altitude of more than 11,000m

Share with CNN, Pam and Jeremy started dating from August 2020. As soon as some airlines dropped the requirement to wear masks, they planned to hold weddings in Las Vegas.

“We immediately booked flights, hotels, bought a wedding dress online, and booked an appointment at a church in Las Vegas at 9 pm on April 24,” Pam said.

On the morning of the big day, the two arrived at the airport in formal suits. But, at the stop at Dallas city airport (Texas), their flight to “sin city” was delayed several times and eventually cancelled.

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Failing to arrive in Las Vegas for the wedding ceremony, Pam and Jeremy Salda were married right on the flight. Image: Kaitlyn Manzer/ABC News.

While waiting, the couple met Chris Mitcham, another passenger on the same flight and also a priest. After learning the story, Mitcham offered to be a marriage witness for their wedding.

The three found another flight to Las Vegas and decided to rebook. However, that flight departed from an airport about 25 minutes away.

“We only had 50 minutes before that flight took off. Luckily everyone got there in time,” Pam said.

She added that airport staff noticed her wedding dress and asked. Listening to Pam narrate the story, they proposed the idea of ​​​​having a wedding ceremony on an airplane, more than 11,000 meters above the ground.

The members of the flight crew used toilet paper to decorate, making Father Mitcham a shawl from a paper bag. Julie Reynolds, a flight attendant, became Pam’s bridesmaid.

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Pam and Jeremy’s wedding took place in the presence of passengers on a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas. Image: Kaitlyn Manzer.

In addition, a passenger who is a professional photographer helped this couple capture memorable moments. Instead of cutting the cake, the two shared a donut from a guest on the flight.

“It was a coincidence that everything appeared and was arranged in the right place at the most important moment,” Pam recalls.

Moreover, they also took a notebook to save the blessing of the crew and other passengers.

“Many people share that the surprise wedding is the joy of their day. There are also guests who think that this ceremony is like a scene from a romantic comedy they have seen,” the new bride said.

After landing, the newlyweds spent an extra day in Vegas having fun. They plan to hold a complete ceremony in August with family and friends in Mexico.

However, this wedding ceremony will have a few new guests: the priest who testified for them on the plane and the flight attendants.

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