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How many times a week should husband and wife have sex to avoid going their separate ways? The number is far from imagination

Comparing your sex life with others is not a good idea. But it’s interesting to look at what the statistics say in this regard. You may think you’re “in love” less than your peers, but scientific studies may prove you wrong. For example, a recent study found that couples in the US have less sex than they did a decade ago.

In fact, we must admit that there is no perfect answer to the question “how many times a week should a couple have sex?”.

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In a marriage, satisfaction and attachment between two people is more important than the frequency of sex. (Illustration

Average number of times couples have sex per week

Research by the General Social Survey (General Social Survey), USA shows that:

7% of American adults have sex 1-2 times in 2020.

10% never had sex in the previous year

19% have sex 2-3 times per month

17% have sex once a month

5% have sex 4 or more times a week

16% have sex 2-3 times/week

25% have sex once/week

Another study published in 2019 found that about 47% of couples have sex less than once a week.

The frequency of sex is found to be closely related to the level of marital happiness. But a study of 30,000 people found that married people who had sex more often each week were also less happy than those who had sex less often.

You may be within normal limits. If you’re happy with the amount of sex with your partner, that’s the right amount of sex for you. Research shows that increasing frequency to more than once per week can reduce desire and pleasure in sex. This shows that quality matters as much as quantity.

Sex and marital satisfaction

In a marriage, the satisfaction and attachment between two people is more important than the frequency of sex. There is a strong link between positive emotions, happiness and sex.

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Openness about sharing sex is inversely proportional to a person’s ability to fake orgasm. (Illustration)

Mutual respect is an important contributing factor to sexual satisfaction. Participants in one study reported that they looked for the following for a better sex life:

Have more quality time with your partner

To be loved more and more romantic

Reduce stress

Try to be a better communicator

Your journey to a better sex life begins with making sure you have open communication with your partner. One study found a strong association between openness about sex and better sexual satisfaction and experience. For example, you’re less likely to have to pretend to “climax” if you’re talking freely about sex with your husband or wife.

Research also shows that the more often you fake orgasms, the less likely you are to talk about sex with your partner. The reason for this is because you feel embarrassed and choose not to talk about it. Other reasons include not wanting to hurt your partner’s feelings or not feeling comfortable expressing yourself.

Less or less relationship, your marriage is in trouble?

When you stop being in a relationship with your partner, your relationship can become increasingly cold, angry, unfaithful, and can eventually lead to divorce. Lack of regular sex in a marriage can be due to many reasons, including a number of things like: Age, natural libido level, the state of health of each person, the quality of the relationship in general.

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Too little or no relationship can turn a couple into “squawking roommates.” (Illustration)

Therefore, there is no standard scale to decide how often sex is best in married life. Having sex at least once a week is ideal to keep a marriage from falling apart. But “falling in love” less than 10 times a year is reason enough to consider a marriage as lacking in sex. Over time, this can lead to divorce due to lack of satisfaction.

It’s worth noting that a lack of sex doesn’t always imply a failed or dysfunctional marriage. Physical intimacy is how you express your love and longing for your partner. Not being close doesn’t necessarily end things in divorce. Likewise, it’s something you should try to tackle before things get out of hand.

For most couples, sex is easily at the bottom of the “to do” list, even though it is the glue that holds them together. Without it, two people can progress to “good friends”, or worst, become “housemates who specialize in petty quarrels”.

Harmonize the needs of husband and wife

There are many factors that make sex something you crave and want to do on a regular basis. For most couples, the difference of opinion is often the main issue affecting the frequency of sex.

For example, you may be ready for love at any time, but your spouse is not. The secret is to make an agreement to figure out how much intimacy is right for both of you. Just like in many other aspects of marriage, sex and how often it requires compromise. But studies show that having sex on a weekly basis is the best way to keep a marriage happy.

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