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How to open a motorbike very easily when you lose your Smartkey

Currently, new scooters or high-end cars from Japanese or European brands are often equipped with a smart key system. Smartkey, instead of using a traditional key lock. This is probably a familiar device for the sisters.

However, despite daily use, most women do not know all about this smart key system; while often forgotten or dropped, leading to difficulties in handling later.

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Smartkey is considered a safe and superior anti-theft smart lock on the motorcycle market today.

1. Open the car with the emergency ID code

– Step 1: Save the car’s personal ID code to the phone, to avoid forgetting the ID code.

– Step 2: Hold the trigger button for 5 seconds – then release.

– Step 3: Flashing light – press the trigger button again to confirm.

– Step 4: Enter the emergency number sequence with the detonation button.


+ Number 1 – Press the detonation button 1 time

+ Number 2 – Press the detonation button 2 times

+ Number 3 – press the detonation button 3 times

+ Number 4 – press the detonation button 4 times

+ Number 5 – press the detonation button 5 times

+ Number 6 – press the detonation button 6 times

+ Number 7 – press the detonation button 7 times

+ Number 8 – Press the detonation button 8 times

+ Number 9 – Press the detonation button 9 times

* Note: After dialing a number – you have to wait for the flashing emergency lights to go off, then you can dial the next number.

For the number 0 – you ignore, do not press, the light will sound 1 more time, this time you press to the next number.

– Step 5: After pressing all the numbers, wait for about 3-5 seconds, the car will unlock the electric lock and now you can start the engine normally.

– Step 6: When the key is found or brought to the nearest authorized motorcycle shop, turn off the engine, hold down the ignition button for 5 seconds so that the vehicle can cancel the emergency code entry mode.

How to open a motorbike is very easy when you lose your Smartkey, there is a note to be careful about otherwise you may have to pay a huge amount of money - Photo 2.

You should change the lock with a new one in case someone is suspected of intentionally stealing your Smartkey key.

2. Rework new FOB key

This is another way for you in this case, but the reworking of Smart Key’s Remote is quite complicated and not everywhere can be done. In addition, you also need to find a reputable, high-security locksmith to avoid cases where they copy the vehicle’s information to use it for the purpose of performing illegal acts.

Regarding the price of re-keying a new key, it will range from 300,000 – 800,000 VND, depending on the type of car and whether the car owner still has or loses the Smartkey ID.

Note, to ensure absolute safety with the key system to avoid being copied, everyone should call the dealer where they bought the car and ask them for advice and guidance.

3. Replace the whole new lock system

This solution is often applied by people when they suspect that someone intentionally stole their car keys.

The cost to replace the whole new lock system is also quite high, usually ranging from 2 million to 6 million VND depending on the type of vehicle.

When doing this, you also need to pay attention to find a highly secure and reputable address like the one above.

However, for customers who lose both the FOB key and the ID code, when bringing it to Honda’s authorized HEAD motorcycle dealers, the technicians will usually ask to replace the new Smartkey system to ensure absolute safety.

Therefore, always keep the ID code of the Smartkey lock system on your motorbike! If not, you will most likely have to pay a huge amount of money to replace it! the-phai-tra-mot-so-tien-rat-lon-20220427000551088.chn

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