Hundreds of people were scammed and appropriated over 300 billion VND

On April 30, the police of Thanh Hoa province said that although it has continuously propagated and warned on the mass media and social networks, recently the number of cases and the number of people being scammed appropriation of property via phone, text messages, and social networks in Thanh Hoa province continues to increase, greatly affecting the security and order situation in the area.

  Hundreds of people were scammed and appropriated over 300 billion VND - Photo 1.

Ms. LTPA went to the police to report when she was scammed by tens of millions of dong – Photo of Thanh Hoa Police

According to Thanh Hoa Provincial Police, from 2021 until now, this unit has received, investigated, verified and fought to handle nearly 200 cases related to fraud and appropriation with total assets taken. win over 300 billion VND .

Most of the cases of fraud to appropriate property in cyberspace take place with the same scenario, that is, criminal subjects often take advantage of the gullible mentality, subjectivity, lack of vigilance, lack of awareness, and lack of awareness. verifiable information, even the greed of the victim to cheat to appropriate money. Although the forms and tricks of fraud are not new, many people still easily become victims.

Ms. LTPA, a first-year student at Hong Duc University – a victim of online frauds with the trick of recruiting sales associates – said that as a student, she wanted to earn extra income to cover her expenses. Life should be when researching on social networks, seeing ads posting recruitment information for collaborators to handle orders of the day for e-commerce products.

Seeing that the job was right for her, Ms. A. contacted her to try it and was assigned to process some orders. Initially, these orders were only worth a few hundred thousand dong. After the processing is complete, you will receive a full “commission”. But later, the value of the orders increased, with orders up to tens of millions of dong, she had to borrow to get enough. However, after processing the order, there was no reply, so I asked Ms. A. to find out that I was cheated.

Major Lai Thanh Tung, Deputy Captain of the Criminal Police Team of Thanh Hoa City Police, said that criminals using high technology to defraud and appropriate property are crimes with specific characteristics and operational capabilities. Widespread crime, criminals use online software, social networks such as Facebook, Zalo or other electronic devices and devices… as tools and means of crime.

After appropriating the money, the subjects immediately transferred to many different accounts, making it difficult for investigation, tracking and handling.

Tuan Minh

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