I’m sick, sell the whole house to get treatment

Sisterhood in a cold cell

According to the People’s Army newspaper, Ms. Le Thi Thanh (Six Thanh, also known as Tam Thuong) was born in 1942 in Tan Tien commune, Dam Doi district, Ca Mau province. At the age of 16, she left her family to go to the resistance war. In early 1974, on her way to work from Ca Mau to Can Tho, she was intercepted by the enemy and taken to the Great Can Tho.

In prison, Ms. Thanh was especially close to the female soldier of the Military Division of Zone 9 Le Kim Tien. Ms. Tien was arrested by the enemy for transferring secret documents to revolutionary establishments and was sentenced to 8 years of hard labor. When she entered the prison, she was nearly 3 months pregnant.

Mrs. Thanh told about the times when Mrs. Tien was brutally tortured to VTV24: “He hit me, I gave my back, I was afraid he would kick me in the stomach and if my child had a disability later on, my death would come. but I was never afraid, only worried about the baby in my belly.”

In a cell with extremely difficult circumstances, Ms. Tien was tortured, “morning sickness”, craving all kinds of food, but in prison there was nothing to eat. When she went out to work, Mrs. Tien kept waving all kinds of trees and grass to chew, causing her teammates to shed tears.

Mrs. Thanh wiped her tears and told the People’s Army newspaper: “Tien gave birth to a child, in extremely poor conditions, the child was severely malnourished. Tien was also very weak, gave birth but could not escape the enemy’s whips and was beaten. was beaten brutally, each time he coughed up a bunch of blood; when urinating and defecating, there was heavy bleeding”.

Seeing that Mrs. Tien’s health was too bad, the enemy decided to release her because she knew for sure she would die. Indeed, after being released from prison for more than a week, Mrs. Tien died of hemorrhage, which was on April 17, 1975. Ms. Kim Tien also left a letter for Ms. Thanh with the content:

“Sister Tam Thuong, I can’t live anymore. I write this poem to leave it to you, I give my child to you. But sister, if you are wise, your mother will be happy, if you are foolish, your mother will be heartbroken. But you Promise me one thing, no matter what, you won’t leave your child” (VTV24 quoted).

Mrs. Thanh also told the People’s Army newspaper: “Tien was very skillful, he asked the kind guard to buy yarn to knit hats for his children, and then also prepare towels and stir-fry pans for the baby.”

The woman lived there for 47 years, raising children for her teammates to sacrifice: The child was sick, sold the whole house for treatment - Photo 1.

Mrs. Sau Thanh and her adopted son Viet Tien returned to visit the Can Tho Great Hospital. Screenshot VTV24

Keep the promise

Martyr Le Kim Tien died on April 17, 1975, and her husband, martyr Le Quoc Viet, also died before April 30, 1975, so the child became an orphan and helpless. Not willing to leave the children of her teammates alone, plus the promise she made with her teammates every year, Mrs. Thanh decided to bring the baby back to raise and start the journey of motherhood.

The baby born in prison that year was named Viet Tien, a combination of the parents’ names.

Since raising Viet Tien, Ms. Thanh has taken her children everywhere with her, so she is criticized by people saying that she has no husband but has children.

She confided to VTV24: “Is there a mother in this world who gives her child to other people in exchange for happiness? There is also no gravestone that says she died without a husband. That’s okay, stay and raise it. But it’s also difficult to speak out, but real gold is not afraid of fire.”

Born in the difficult circumstances of the Can Tho Big Hospital, Viet Tien was malnourished, her body atrophied and tiny. Many people advised Mrs. Thanh to give up raising Viet Tien, but thinking of her former teammates, she was determined to raise her to be a human.

“When Viet Tien was young, he was constantly sick, I was busy with agricultural activities, often taking people to new economic regions from one province to another, so it was normal to send it along the way. At least a few days, every few months, I send it to almost any province in the Mekong Delta. I retired in 1997, since then I have more time to spend with Tien. Viet Tien has to feel sorry for being inferior to his friends. Viet Tien loves me, always clings to his mother, rarely demands or demands, “Mrs. Thanh told the People’s Army newspaper.

However, Mrs. Thanh also overcame all difficulties, raised Viet Tien until the end of high school, then she was allowed to work in the postal industry because she was the son of a martyr of the industry.

In 2010, Viet Tien married a poor man, but gentle and simple. Mrs. Thanh organized a grand wedding for her son, accepting all of her neighbors as relatives on her mother’s side because she was afraid that she would feel lonely with her husband’s family.

The woman lived there for 47 years, raising children for her teammates to sacrifice: The child was sick, sold the whole house for treatment - Photo 2.

Mrs. Sau Thanh and Viet Tien depend on each other. Screenshot VTV24

Sell ​​your house to take care of your children

Viet Tien got married, had a stable job, thought that Mrs. Thanh could rest in peace after many years of fulfilling her promise to her former teammates, the news struck again with the mother and daughter: in 2012, Dr. discovered that Viet Tien had a congenital heart disease, which was getting worse and worse.

Since detecting heart disease, Tien has repeatedly lost her pregnancy, and once fell into a critical condition. Tien had to quit his state job and was hospitalized continuously from Can Tho Central General Hospital and then to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City for further treatment. Hospital fees are too large, all costs more than 200 million, so Ms. Thanh has to sell her house to treat her child.

“The house is sold out, the property is sold out, I have a pair of cotton and I also sell it to save my children, people live more than a pile of gold, in our country peace is the blood and bones of its parents” – Ms. Thanh said. with VTV 24.

Answering a TV PV about what Thanh’s mother did for her, Ms. Viet Tien could not hold back her tears: “Since I was 14 years old, when I knew everything, I found Thanh’s mother to be such a wonderful person. dared to sacrifice my whole life, my whole youth. I am indebted to my mother for all my life, for forty years she has taken care of me. There is no woman who does not want to make herself happy, while her mother both good and talented.”

Fate has linked the lives of Mrs. Thanh and Viet Tien together to make a beautiful story about comradeship and comradeship about human love and sacred motherhood. However, Ms. Thanh still worries about her sadness when her daughter is sick: “Looking at my daughter like this, I feel that I have not fulfilled my promise to Ms. Kim Tien”.

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