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Kindergarten for children to use expired food

ChinaParents at a kindergarten in Hubei province were shocked after discovering the school was feeding their children expired, smelly food.

A group of parents at an unnamed school belonging to the New Future Education Group in Wuhan city, the capital of central China’s Hubei province, raised the alarm after discovering that their children had been banned by the school. using stale food, local media reported.

“A kindergarten teacher accidentally sent a request to buy food into a WeChat group that included parents of the child. We later discovered the nursery may have purchased expired food for our children. “, a mother surnamed Wei whose children attend the school told Sohu news site.

Expired, smelly foods were discovered by parents at a kindergarten in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China, recently.  Photo: SCMP.

Expired, smelly foods were discovered by parents at a kindergarten in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China, recently. Image: SCMP.

Parents arrived at the school on the morning of the same day the message was sent. They said they spent more than half a day asking to check the food being served. Their request was denied by the nursery, so the parents conducted a search of the facility on their own, eventually discovering a stockpile of expired food.

“The nursery is feeding the kids with expired food,” said one father, adding that the meat products still smelled bad.

The mother, surnamed Wei, said products such as whipped cream and milk were spoiled, and the meat smelled rancid. “After gathering information from other parents, we discovered that all the children had health problems such as vomiting, digestive disorders,” she said. Last year, this kindergarten also recorded a case of food poisoning.

In response to complaints from angry parents, the principal of the kindergarten is said to have told them “later I can open another school”.

The incident has attracted much attention after the story went viral on media and social networks. The public expressed concern about food safety standards at schools.

“This is a kindergarten near my house with tuition fees up to 27,000 yuan ($4,082). I will give birth in 50 days, I feel very scared. I may choose a kindergarten for my child in the future. How do I do this?”, one social media user wrote.

“Are they harming the next generation? Is it true that the principal said she would open a new school later? How much support did she get from the local government to do that? ?” asked another.

Local authorities on April 30 announced that they would close the kindergarten and take punitive measures against the school principal as well as employees involved in the incident or officials at the education and market management department. .

Vu Hoang (According to SCMP)

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