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Lying to his wife to go on a business trip to travel with her boyfriend, but just arrived at the hotel to meet the receptionist

Women are sensitive, husbands change even a small “ripple” they can feel. However, the behavior of each wife is different, sometimes beyond the imagination of men, so you should not think that you can easily surpass your wife.

Huong (34 years old) said, the first 5 years after marriage Her life with her husband is quite good. Although her husband is not a psychological man, he loves work and spends little time with his family, causing his wife to take care of everything, but she has never blamed him. Huong always thinks that each person’s marriage has a separate responsibility and that the husband and wife are compensating for each other to make the home complete.

About 5, 6 months ago, I saw that my husband changed a lot. Previously, when he came home from work, he would play with his children, or take the children out, but this time when he returned home, he continued to cling to his phone and text. He explained that he was too busy at work, I didn’t care, but sometimes when a call comes in and his wife is around, he takes it out to listen, and then turns off the phone saying that the call is not important. He wasn’t like that before“, Huong said.

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Her husband’s change made Huong feel uneasy, so she kept a close eye and only half a month later, she discovered exactly her husband’s adultery. Disappointed and depressed about her husband, but Huong said that in order to know more precisely how far her husband’s relationship with the other woman went, she decided to keep quiet to observe.

Really, I never thought there would be a day when my husband would turn my back like that. The more I believe, the more I hate it, if it weren’t for my two children, I would have decided to divorce immediately without hesitation. Because when the newlyweds were married, I told him that no matter how difficult it is for the couple, we can overcome them all, but the adulterous husband alone cannot be tolerated. But it’s true that it’s easy to say, but when you have children, you don’t have to decide to decide right away because you have to think of your child first in everything you do.“, said the young wife.

Huong deliberately hinted and reminded her husband a couple of times so that he could understand and return to take care of the home. She even recalled the couple’s previous contract that he betrayed her, she would not let it go, but in front of her husband and wife, Huong calmly affirmed that she would never support her family in her whole life. It was her husband’s shameless lies that made Huong even more disappointed because she understood that her husband really did not feel sorry for his wife and children.

This April 30 holiday, I deliberately invited my husband to take the children on a trip, but he said that he was busy meeting with a customer to discuss a new project, and promised to take his wife and children to another occasion to make up for it. Actually, I know who that customer of my husband is because I know his plan to take each other out for 4 days off. It’s just that I put my name on it to see how he chooses. And when my husband chose to go with his lover, I also made the final decision, no need to hesitate or hesitate any longer.”Huong confided.

Lying to his wife to go on a business trip to travel with her boyfriend, but just arrived at the hotel to meet the receptionist, her husband turned pale and hurried back - Photo 2.


When her husband took her lover to a vacation, Huong also embarked on her plan. Her husband thought he could fool his wife, so he was leisurely and happily with her. On the way, he still texted and asked to show his concern for his wife. But as expected, at the resort, just arrived at the front desk to check in, Huong’s husband hurriedly called his wife.

I know the address of my husband’s resort hotel, so I moved his belongings there with divorce petition signed it and asked the front desk to give it to me. He frantically called back, I made it clear: ‘You choosing to go on vacation with your lover is to put an end to my marriage with you. Just have fun and we’ll see you in court…“, Huong said.

Huong said, at that time, her husband was in a hurry, hurriedly booked a ticket to return immediately to apologize to his wife, but she refused to forgive. Because when trust is lost, feelings are hurt, women’s hearts will become extremely hard and decisive. mat-elephant-turned-vehicle-20220501213403006.chn

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