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Men after marriage have 3 things to live for, don’t tell anyone

What he did to his ex-girlfriend

It’s normal for a man to have a love history. After all, not everyone meets someone who can be with them for the rest of their lives.

Of course, being in a relationship means doing something crazy, crazy, or romantic with your ex. But men always remember that no matter what they do, it’s not something to talk about with their current lover.

Not every woman can be generous with her man’s ex, let alone the “sensitive” things they once had in common. Especially, when what he did for his ex is not what he can do for his current lover, then it’s best not to say it.

Family financial situation

Men do not talk about the financial situation of the family in front of outsiders, because this is a private matter of each family. They don’t like to go around bragging about how much money their family has, what brand they bought today, and which restaurant to go to. They simply don’t want to get in trouble.

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Men talk less and do more, do not like to swear, do not want bad luck from the mouth to harm the body. For them, no one is rich or poor no one knows, how much money they have, how much they can take care of their family, only they know is enough.

Dissatisfied with mother-in-law – daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law – daughter-in-law relationship can be said to be a “world topic”. Not only in Asian countries, Western countries also have sensitive issues in this relationship.

A girl getting married, frankly, is only “married” to her husband, the others are “outsiders”, even though they may try to treat each other like family.

Your husband can tolerate some bad points in you, but his family can’t. Similarly, you may not be able to tolerate some of your husband’s problems. will say these 3 sentences

But no matter what, do not speak ill of your mother-in-law in front of your husband, even if you are dissatisfied, do not speak badly of your mother-in-law often to your husband.

Even if you have a good relationship with your husband, his mother is still his mother, and no one wants to hear negative things about their mother from others.

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