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Neighbors only said one sentence that the husband was angry with his wife

A very taboo thing in marriage story is when husband and wife are affected by the words of outsiders. It is also a silent and invisible “sharp knife” that pushes the relationship between the two to bad. Outsiders can never clearly see the hidden corners and worries of marriage, their words are only fleeting, but if they keep it in their hearts, it is very dangerous. One of the two people will form suspicion and suspicion of the other, and then easily raise their voice, causing an argument. The story of C. below is such an example.

Neighbors only said one sentence that the husband was angry with his wife and the ending

C.’s husband was formerly a businessman, involved in many projects, so he often had to work away from home. When she got married, she was also aware of this, so she always tried to revive herself, to be able to get through the long nights alone in the house. After being married for 1 year, C.’s husband changed jobs, he also did not need to travel much, to spend time closer to his wife. It all comes from the fact that C. actively talks to her husband gently, and the other side also understands.

The neighbor only said one sentence, but the husband was angry with his wife, but when he returned home, he saw a scene that made him dumbfounded - Photo 1.


Thought that when we were together more, two couple It will be peaceful, warm, if there is a conflict, it will cause problems for both sides, and because of that, the relationship will be damaged. There are trifles in the house, such as a broken item, or a busy wife who hasn’t had time to cook. C.’s husband can also get angry and say bad things. C. herself was very sad, she did not expect that the man she chose to stick with would change his personality like that.

In particular, next to the new house that the couple moved to, the neighbors are nosy, prying and speaking harsh words. But because C. wanted to keep the peace, she couldn’t let things get tense, so she kept quiet, pretending not to hear.

One day, C.’s husband came home from work, just parked the car and got out, the neighbor said: “Your wife doesn’t know what big job she does, but she’s too lazy to sweep the alley, I do it all by myself, if you come back to teach her, please teach me.”

Only that, but husband C. angry, showing anger and discomfort with his wife. As soon as he stepped foot in the door of the house, he immediately mumbled: “You’re only at home, why don’t you go out and sweep the alley so the neighbors can complain?”

At this moment, C. is holding a light bulb, she looks at her husband for a long time and then says nothing. Then C. stood up on the chair to reassemble the burned out light bulb. As she did, she sighed and said: “Do you believe what people say? It’s a pity that our family doesn’t install a camera to let you know the truth. I always live responsibly, maybe because someone passed by and littered indiscriminately.

I am so responsible that even this broken light bulb is also my hand to fix, which the man in the house should have done. I’m sad and very disappointed in you.”

Seeing the image of his wife standing up to fix the light bulb, C.’s husband seemed to stop, he was speechless. Now that the man understands, it turns out that he has not treated his wife well and is too concerned with the neighbors’ words.

The neighbor only said one sentence, but the husband was angry with his wife, but when he returned home, he saw the scene that made him dumbfounded - Photo 2.


Be frank and tell your husband what you’re going through

That is also the fastest way for him to understand and sympathize. If you keep holding back, you will come to a point where you can’t control yourself and push the conflict further. Do not be strong to do anything, if the man takes it for granted. Let the other party do what is in their duty and obligation that they should do.

At the same time, women also need to frankly learn and deal with the malicious words of those around them. There are so many influences out there that affect relationships, do ideological work for your husband first, so that he understands that wife and family are important, sacred things that need to be loved and protected. . English-lang-people-20220430000135897.chn

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