Parents’ handling makes “victims” also respect

Parents’ upbringing determines the education of their children, but there are a few cases where parents educate their children properly and strictly, but children still sometimes cause headaches for adults.

Ms. Yang (China) has two sons, once the two of them sneaked into the basement garage without their parents noticing, within half an hour, they broke the logos of 14 cars with their bare hands. it’s mostly luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz and Maybach.

After that, an owner responded to the incident to the security guard, through monitoring, Ms. Duong knew that her son had caused trouble. Although the child is still young and cannot take responsibility for his or her own behavior, the parent as a guardian is of course responsible.

  The child broke more than 14 luxury car logos, with a total value of more than 700 million VND: The parents' handling made the victim respect - Photo 1.

First, Ms. Duong expressed her sincere apology to the car owner community, and said that she would compensate all maintenance costs, hoping that damaged car owners could actively contact her. According to statistics, a total of 14 car logos were broken by two children, with a total value of more than 200,000 yuan (about 700 million VND) and Mrs. Duong and her husband were responsible for the entire amount of damage. .

Having to say before the wrong behavior of two children, the parents’ actions are commendable. When children make mistakes, parents should have the courage to admit their mistakes and take responsibility, this will also have a certain positive impact on children.

Parents’ qualities determine parenting, what aspects should parents pay attention to when educating their children?

1. Parents should set an example

In the process of children growing up, parents’ words and deeds will have a great impact on children. In order for children to be raised well, parents must first be a shining example.

If parents treat everyone and everything in their daily life properly, it will also have a positive impact on the growth of their children.

2. When children make mistakes, parents don’t cover for them

Behind each “baby bear” there is usually a “parent bear”. Many parents will use excuses such as “the child is too young to know anything” to help their children make excuses to avoid responsibility after their children make mistakes. However, this behavior of parents not only tolerates the wrong behavior of children, but also has a negative impact on the growth of children.

This very easily leads to children growing up to be irresponsible people who always want to hide when they encounter problems. So, as parents, when children make mistakes, let them learn to take responsibility, instead of tolerating, covering up some wrong behaviors.

3. For the sake of the child’s maturity, parents should give priority to guidance

The process of growing up children is often a process that takes place gradually, it cannot be overnight, so as parents, in the process of educating children, we must maintain patience and guide behavior. children’s behavior correctly. When children make mistakes, if parents are not properly guided, they are likely to make mistakes later, and may even cause some bad consequences.

Young children often do not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, often when children make mistakes, they do not realize that they have made mistakes. Therefore, parents should guide their children in a reasonable way and help them grow up to be kind people.

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