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Prophecy for the fortunes of the 12 animals in the new week of May 2nd – May 8th

Birth in year of Mouse

This will probably be a rather volatile week for the Rat. At work, you will receive recognition and praise from your superiors, however, by the end of the week you may encounter competition from someone. This makes the Rat will have to spend a lot of time arguing or arguing. The advice for the Rat this week is that it’s best to focus on doing your tasks well.

Ox Age

The work of the Ox this week is quite stable. You receive enthusiastic help from colleagues, so all tasks are completed on time. This will bring you a small amount of income from being rewarded. During the week, some Ox doing business will have good business, especially profits and sales increase sharply in the weekends.

Tiger Age

The career of the Tiger is on a strong development track thanks to your relentless efforts. The work progressed smoothly, making the spirit of the Tiger more comfortable. Your love life this week may encounter some minor conflicts as one of you is spending more time at work than cultivating a relationship. It’s time to warm up with a romantic dinner!

Age of the Rabbit

The love story of the Rabbit has many things to keep in mind this new week. This is the time when two people need to grow up and trust each other more, and at the same time, if there are doubts, they also need to be frank. In this way, the relationship will become stronger and stronger. At work, the Rabbit will be assigned a lot of big tasks this week. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for you to develop more in the future.

Prophecy for the fortunes of the 12 zodiac animals in the new week of May 2nd - May 8th: The career of the Tiger thrives, the love of the Pig year flourishes - Photo 1.

Dragon Age

After a turbulent period, the Dragon year also has a peaceful week. Your finances show signs of improvement thanks to your efforts and not giving up in the past time. It can be a bonus, although not much, but it can also boost your morale. Besides, thanks to the encouragement and support of the spouse, the Dragon year also feels happier after every working day.

Year of the Snake

The year of the Snake will have a good fortune in this new week. If you are single, you will be introduced to a very suitable person by a friend or relative. This is the time to open your heart and embrace new things. In terms of work, the year of the Snake shows very well this week. You focus, seriously pursue the task, so you score quite high in the eyes of your superiors.

Born in the year of the Horse

Some misunderstandings may occur in the workplace of the Horse this new week. This is not the time to shut up and let things go. If those “words of the wind” affect the honor and reputation of the Horse, you need to speak up to correct it. Horses in this week are advised not to let negative emotions at work affect emotional relationships.

Age odor

The fortune of the Goat year will have many positive signs this new week. This is the time when you will receive compensation commensurate with what you have spent in the past. In addition, if you invest financially, this is also the time when you will get back what you have lost. Your work in this new week is progressing quite smoothly, the ideas you give are supported by everyone.

The prophecy for the destiny of the 12 animals in the new week of May 2 - May 8: The career of the Tiger thrives, the love of the Pig year flourishes - Photo 2.

Age of Body

The Monkey will find a new direction for his career this week. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to “jump” but it can mean that you will bring new color to the work you are doing. This makes the superiors look at the Monkey age with a different light. Regarding love, the Monkey year and that person will have a week that will leave many deep memories.

Roster age

This new week is the perfect time for the Rooster to assert their position. In work, the strong and decisive Rooster will help you to overcome difficult situations, and at the same time create significant achievements. This will be a busy week for business Roosters. But thanks to that, your pocket is always full.

Born in the year of Dog

The single year of the Dog this week has a pretty good fortune. You may meet your soul mate unexpectedly and this relationship will give you a lot of hope. This is the time for the Dog to be proactive and open to love. Your fortune is quite stable this new week, you can even buy things you like without having to think too long.

Year of the Pig

This new week is a very good week for the Pig. Your hard work, dedication and responsibility should be appreciated by your superiors, and at the same time you will be rewarded with worthy rewards. In addition, the Year of the Pig also makes merit for the people in the same team when coming up with completely new ideas. Regarding love affairs, this week the Pig will have an extremely happy and joyful time.

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