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Protecting Johnny Depp from Amber Heard, Dior was “repaid” by netizens in a special way

The lawsuit of Johnny Depp – Amber Heard not only consumed thousands of pages of the press, but also became a stain in the career of the A-list actor – who once owned a seemingly undefeated position in the film industry. And while the market still surrounds Johnny, Dior still stands by his side.

Feeling the love that the luxury brand has for the actor, fans have raised Dior to a new level in their own perception. In a post introducing the Lady Dior bag work designed by eminent artisan Fabrizio Plessi, Dior’s fanpage received an extremely positive response from Johnny Depp’s fans.

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A masterpiece of art imitating the image of a Lady Dior bag made of 24K gold leaf, following Orsoni Venezia 1888’s excellent savoir-faire technique. In the center of the bag is a screen displaying the brand’s name, creating effects. absolutely amazing

Accordingly, fans not only praised the masterpiece made by artist Fabrizio Plessi, but also left lines of gratitude for Dior himself. People respect the brand because of the priceless legacy that Dior left for life, and at the same time appreciate the humanity when the brand has a very delicate way of dealing with the scandal of the private life of the representative.

Netizens’ comments:

– “I love Dior even more when I know they support Johnny Depp. Thank you Dior for trusting and supporting him.”

– “Dior, I love you. Thank you for supporting #JohnnyDepp”.

– “I yLove everything by Dior! Please support hashtags #johnnydeppisinnocent”.

– “Johnny is innocent! Otherwise Dior would not have been on his side.”

– “May Dior grow more and more, I love the way the brand stands on Johnny’s side”.

Remember, many brands have a way of unilaterally terminating contracts when their ambassadors/brand faces are caught in a private life scandal. However, instead of “shaking hands”, Dior steadfastly sided with the talent without speaking up.

Regardless of Johnny being cut from blockbuster movie projects like Fantastic Beasts 3, City Of Lies,… Dior continues to choose Johnny Depp as the face of the Dior Sauvage fragrance line – the brand he has been with since 2015. At the same time, he still appears in the ad for the Eau Sauvage Elixir campaign, which is broadcast in event The Greatest Bake Off.

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Why didn’t Dior turn his back on Johnny? Because they are not fools!

Protecting Johnny Depp from Amber Heard, the Dior brand is rewarded by netizens in a special way - Photo 5.

After the scandal, Dior gained a large number of customers – all fans of the actor. At the same time, the number of searches for Sauvage perfume on the Internet increased by 23%, continuing to be the best-selling men’s perfume line on many e-commerce sites.

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