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‘Robbed, should not be chased’

Criminal police recommend that people unfortunately robbed need to shout, remember identification to report; should not chase because it can cause accidents, dangerous to life.

A few days ago, people on Nguyen Van Qua Street, District 12, saw a 19-year-old young man shouting “robbery, robbery” many times, driving a motorbike. chasing two people carry each other forward. After a while, the two cars collided, causing the young man to fall on the road and die on the spot.

The camera records the scene of a female student chasing two young men

The camera shows a female student chasing two robbery suspects, before the accident.

10 days before, in the night, 21 year old female student also constantly shouted “robbery” when chasing the car of two men on Phan Van Tri street, Go Vap district. The female student then hit a truck carrying goods and died. The victim’s family said she lost her iP13 phone.

Last month, the men’s and women’s doubles when chasing two robbers in Binh Thanh district collided with a taxi going in the opposite direction leading to an accident, brain injury…

Reply VnExpress, the leader of a professional team of the Criminal Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, would like to share the pain with the families of the victims. He said that the nature of the crime of robbery is to cause a sudden crime and then escape. In many cases, they are very aggressive, ready to fight the pursuers (such as forcing cars, pepper spray, stabbing…) even though they know it is the police.

“Thus, people chasing them will be very dangerous to their lives and health. For us, to suppress robbers requires many skills such as psychology and driving skills. , martial arts,” he said.

In case people are unfortunately robbed, according to this veteran criminal scout, it is necessary to shout for people around to support; try to stay calm, memorize the license plate number, identification characteristics (such as vehicle type, direction of travel…) and then provide it to the police, helping to quickly find the culprit.

The camera recorded the scene of a couple falling while chasing robbers

A couple chasing robbers, having an accident.

With the same opinion, Doctor and lawyer Nguyen Thi Kim Vinh (former judge of the Supreme People’s Court) said that people should not chase robbers by any means. Robbers, or robbers, often go in groups when committing crimes to support each other to “block the land”, run at very high speed to escape. In that situation, it is easy for the victims to become victims again if they attack, force the car to fall…

According to Ms. Vinh, if the property is stolen, the victim needs to shout loudly, point in the direction of the robber or talk about their identity such as: “robbery, red shirt, blue wave car …”, to receive help from passersby. Currently, the security camera system is widely equipped, many cars on the road also have dash cams. When the police receive identifying information from victims, witnesses, data from cameras… will soon catch criminals.

In addition, lawyer Vinh said that people’s pursuit of criminals not only endangers themselves but also the pedestrians, or the suspect himself. As on April 23, three young people in Dak Lak were entangled in labor After driving a car in pursuit, he hit and killed the dog-stealing suspect. Or before that, there have been many cases of people crashing directly into the robber’s car, resulting in one of the two parties being seriously injured or killed.

“The law stipulates that in case a robber is seriously injured or dies, the person causing the accident can still be prosecuted for criminal liability and be compensated for damage. Therefore, the victim and the pedestrians are not should risk their whole life just to reclaim their property. Human life is still above all else”, Ms. Vinh said.

Police examine the scene of a young man's death while chasing two robbers on the evening of April 27.  Photo: Van Huynh

Police examine the scene of a young man’s death while chasing two robbers on the evening of April 27. Image: Van Huynh

According to the leader of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, in order to avoid becoming a victim of crime, people first need to have a sense of self-protection when going out on the street, such as: not leaving property indiscriminately, wearing bags, necklaces, phone calls while driving; Avoid going to empty streets, late at night…

To protect security and order as well as people’s property during this holiday and to protect the upcoming Southeast Asian Games, the Ho Chi Minh City Police has deployed the peak of crime suppression. “Police scouts of the city and districts will be deployed to patrol all roads to promptly detect and handle crimes,” he said.

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