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Sweden accuses Russian spy plane of infiltrating airspace

The Swedish Defense Ministry on April 30 accused a Russian spy plane of violating Swedish airspace on April 29, as the Scandinavian country was considering joining NATO.

“A Russian AN-30 aircraft violated Swedish airspace on the evening of April 29,” the Swedish Defense Ministry said in a statement, according to AFP. The Swedish Ministry of Defense also said that some members of the ministry monitored and recorded the incident.

A Russian AN-30 spy plane

Screen Capture TASS

According to the Swedish Ministry of Defense, the AN-30 flew east of Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic region, before heading to the territory of Sweden. Switzerland. “This action is unprofessional and very inappropriate considering the general security situation. Sweden’s sovereignty must always be respected,” the Swedish Defense Ministry stressed.

There is no word yet on Russia’s response to the new Swedish accusation. In a report on May 1 about the above allegations, TASS emphasized that the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly affirmed that all aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces always conduct flights in strict compliance with international regulations on air pollution. use airspace.

Previously, regarding the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, on April 14, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia must increase its naval, air and land forces in the Baltic Sea if the two countries above join NATO, and then it will be difficult for the Baltic region to be “nuclear-free”. Mr. Medvedev, a former president and former prime minister of Russia, said he hopes Finland and Sweden will give reasonable consideration. Otherwise, they will have to live near where Russia has nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles.

On April 26, Reuters quoted information from a number of newspapers in Sweden and Finland that these two countries would jointly express their desire to join. NATO in May.

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