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The bride suddenly “turns the car” to marry her relative because of the groom’s unacceptable behavior

According to India Today, a rare incident happened in Malkapur Pangra village, Buldhana district, Maharashtra state (India). The wedding of the bride and groom is scheduled to be held at 4pm on April 22.

Everything has been prepared, but the groom still hasn’t appeared, making the bride and family impatient and worried. It was not until 8 pm that day that the groom and his friends came to the altar in a drunken state, then constantly danced and drank, even got into a fight.

Witnessing that scene, the bride’s father flatly refused to let his daughter continue to marry the groom. Soon after, he consulted a relative who attended the wedding, eventually letting his daughter marry that person.

The bride suddenly

The bride’s father does not allow his daughter to continue to marry the groom. Photo: India Today

“The wedding ceremony took place on April 22, but the groom’s family was busy dancing. The wedding ceremony was at 4 p.m. but they arrived at the altar at 8 p.m. So I let my daughter marry a relative of mine. “, the bride’s father explained. The groom’s reaction after the sudden “turning of the car” of the bride’s family was not disclosed.

Not long ago, the story that the bride had to marry the guests because the groom ran away caused a stir in the online community. According to Times Now News, the wedding was held in Maharajpur town, Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh state (India).

The two families have completed the “jaimala” (the traditional flower exchange ceremony of this country’s wedding). While preparing for the main wedding ceremony, the groom’s family discovered that the groom had disappeared, leaving the bride alone at the wedding.

The groom is said to have deliberately run away, refusing to marry because he does not want to bind family responsibilities. After the groom could not be found, his family suggested that the bride could marry one of the boys from the groom’s family who were present at the wedding.

After a while of discussion, the bride’s family accepted and the wedding continued. However, at the end of the wedding, the bride’s family filed a complaint against the former groom’s family to the local government.

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