The crown prince was harmed by the gods, so he started the army and then chose this way to prove his innocence

The multi-talented prince

Emperor Wu had a total of 6 sons. Liu Cu is the eldest son and was appointed crown prince by the king when he was 7 years old. At first, the emperor was very respectful and always devoted himself to finding someone who was good at teaching his son. Prince Luu Cu is intelligent and intelligent, always has his own opinion, because of that, father and son often arise conflicts because of opposing thoughts.

The King worshiped the doctrine of “Cong Duong” which emphasized the emperor’s character and advocated pacification of the world, so he especially instructed his teachers to focus on teaching “Cong Duong stories” and the theory of this doctrine. Unlike his father, Crown Prince Luu Cu turned to deep knowledge, he loved “Coc Luong story” very much, so he often surreptitiously invited the famous scholar Ha Khau Giang Cong. This always made the emperor unhappy about the crown prince.

  The prince was harmed by the gods, he immediately started the army and then chose this way to prove his innocence - Photo 1.

The multi-talented crown prince is fit to rule the country. (Photo: Baidu)

As an adult, Luu Cu showed more and more excellence in all aspects of himself such as:

The firstThe crown prince is a man with a kind heart. Liu Cu always upheld the quality of tolerance during the process of assisting the emperor to rule the country. Luu Cu’s peaceful and cautious personality at work is perfectly suitable to become a ruler later.

Second, the crown prince has a lot of experience in governing the country, always showing poise when assisting the king in handling the government. Prince Luu Cu was nurtured by Emperor Han Vu from a young age, the king not only chose the best scholar to teach his son, but every time he had a job out of the palace, he entrusted the work to the crown prince to handle. The prince’s ability to work is also for that reason, which is tempered every day.

Why did the king force the crown prince to commit suicide and regret it for the rest of his life?

Liu Cu is a crown prince, so he has many opportunities to handle the main court. The Crown Prince always upholds the policy of virtue. Because of different views, the crown prince offended many great ministers in the court. After the death of General Ve Thanh (the younger brother of Queen Ve Tu Phu and uncle of the crown prince), many gods believed that the crown prince had lost his wings and wanted to find a way to bring him down. One of those gods was Giang Sung (a favorite god used by Emperor Han Vu).

When Emperor Wu of Han was old, he became superstitious and feared death. The king is often immersed in the search for the elixir of immortality and especially believes in Jiang Sung’s fabrications. Giang Sung took the opportunity when the king was seriously ill to say that the emperor’s illness did not improve because someone in the world used a charm to cast a spell on Vu Co. Believing in his favor, Emperor Han Wu gave him full authority to investigate and handle this matter.

According to the “Han book” record, Giang Sung let people search everywhere. In just 1 month, the number of people who lost their lives because of this incident reached 10,000 people. Then he told His Majesty that the enchanter was indeed in the palace. Not long after, he said that he had found a wooden doll in the palace of Prince Liu Ju. The crown prince at this time was extremely scared, not knowing how to explain his innocence in front of his father.

  The prince was harmed by the gods, immediately started the army and then chose this way to prove his innocence - Photo 2.

Prince Luu Cu committed suicide to prove his innocence before his father. (Photo: Baidu)

Before Jiang Sung’s extravagant slander and the emperor’s superstition that he could not distinguish right from wrong, the crown prince fell into a dead end, so he thought about starting an army to kill Giang Sung. Liu Cu personally cut Jiang Sung to death and was misunderstood by Emperor Han Vu to create treason, so he issued a decree to execute him. The crown prince chose to commit suicide to preserve his purity.

It was not until later, after Emperor Han Vu came to his senses and thought carefully, that he realized that the crown prince was unjustly wronged. Giang Sung was dead, the king ordered the beheading of all 3 of his houses. In the last years of his life, Emperor Han Wu deeply regretted and missed his son.

According to the “Han Thu Chu”, the king changed his palace to the name “Tu Cung” (the palace that misses you) and built in Ho district a monument named “Quy Lai Vong Tu Dai”. When people heard about this, they all mourned for the prince. htm

According to Thanh Tam Vu

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