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The importance of Hung Dung at U23 Vietnam

Do Hung Dung is a unique case of Vietnamese football. Player of Hanoi FC never had a predestined relationship with youth awards. In 2015, Hung Dung and U23 Vietnam kicked the Asian U23 qualifier, was introduced to the field in the match against Japan U23, and was substituted a few minutes later.

However, the midfielder born in 1993 then attended 3 youth tournaments as an overage player, respectively at ASIAD 2018, SEA Games 30 and SEA Games 31.

The importance of Hung Dung at U23 Vietnam - 1

Hung Dung (No. 8) in a friendly match against South Korea U20.

Whenever the Vietnam U23 or Olympic team attends tournaments with over-aged players, Coach Park Hang Seo always thinks of the name Hung Dung first.

Hung Dung is also the captain of both the national team and U23 at the same time. The great responsibility placed on the 29-year-old midfielder’s role shows the belief of Mr. Park in his students. Hung Dung deserves that trust.

Technically, the Hanoi FC player is the perfect complement to the inexperienced midfield of U23 Vietnam. Among the 7 midfielders Coach Park Hang Seo has called up for the 31st SEA Games, including Dung Quang Nho (Hai Phong), Dang Van Lam (SLNA), Nguyen Duc Viet (HAGL), Nguyen Hai Long (Hanoi), Huynh Cong To (Hanoi), Huynh Cong To (Ha Noi). Pho Hien), Ly Cong Hoang Anh (Binh Dinh), it is easy to see that the midfield players of U23 Vietnam do not have much playing experience.

Hoang Anh and Hai Long are two rare players who were called up to the Vietnam team, but were not given the opportunity to compete because there was still a relatively large gap in qualifications with the seniors. Van Lam, Quang Nho just stopped at the level of experience in the V-League, Cong To only played in the First Division, and Duc Viet was still immature, even at the U23 level.

The importance of Hung Dung at U23 Vietnam - 2

Hai Long lacks international experience.

This midfield needs the guidance of seniors to make a story at the 31st SEA Games. Therefore, Coach Park Hang Seo spends both the addition of overage players for the midfield, Hoang Duc and Hung Dung.

For Hung Dung, the midfielder’s ability to coordinate short distances and aggressive play is the necessary glue to connect the current relatively lax and lack of creativity midfield of Vietnam U23.

Coach Park Hang Seo’s team is lacking an energetic shuttle midfielder, but also knows how to rhythm like Hung Dung. Falling into racing with opponents is a taboo in densely packed tournaments like the SEA Games. U23 Vietnam is difficult to win if they only have a hot heart but lack a cold head.

A mind in the midfield like Hung Dung can bring more rhythm, flexibility and balance, helping U23 Vietnam use energy at the right time and in the right place.

The importance of Hung Dung at U23 Vietnam - 3

Hung Dung scored an important goal for Vietnam U22 in the final of SEA Games 30.

The 29-year-old midfielder is also a versatile model, able to play in many positions in midfield, even kicking a winger when needed. The meager player fund (20 people) forced Coach Park Hang Seo to prioritize flexible players like Hung Dung. In a friendly match with South Korea U20, Gia Lam’s original player partly proved his level even though he had not played with 100% performance.

In addition, Hung Dung is not only a shining example of experience and class, but also an exemplary way of life. Knitting the seniors to guide the juniors, that is an effective method of forging troops that Coach Park Hang Seo has applied for the past 4 years.

U23 Vietnam will be under great pressure in the campaign to defend the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games. Therefore, the performance, alertness and bravery of captains like Hung Dung are expected to be the guideline to bring the students. Coach Park Hang Seo’s role reached the destination safely.

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