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“The monthly salary is 17 million, but you can buy a house?”

Teacher is a profession under pressure from many sides but the salary is not high compared to other professions. Teachers are often under pressure from the Board of Directors down, from the parents up. Therefore, they always have to be careful from their words to their actions, ensuring they always keep the standard in the eyes of everyone.

The teacher is also the one who “takes the lead” because when there is a problem, the parents will prosecute them first. The story below is a painful case that a middle school teacher went through.

Mr. Liu (China) is a math teacher at a middle school. He has been teaching for 20 years and has trained many generations of excellent students. His daily life is very simple. Luu and his wife rented a small house near the school to facilitate their work. At noon, he always eats at school and takes care of students to earn extra income.

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After many years of hard work, Mr. Luu bought a spacious house.

Mr. Luu’s wife is also a veteran teacher, so the salary is not too low. Because the teacher and his wife worked hard, after many years of accumulation, they also had a good amount of money. In addition, the teacher and his wife also receive a monthly subsidy from the state.

After more than 20 years of work, Mr. Luu and his wife decided to spend all their money to buy a spacious and spacious house. The joy and pride of having a new home was not long before the students’ parents had “insinuated” words.

Some parents questioned: “As a math teacher with a salary of 5,000 yuan / month (about 17 million dong), how can I save a lot of money to buy a house? This is probably money from bribes from parents or money secretly tutoring.”

They even went to the local Education Bureau together to denounce Mr. Liu’s purchase of a house. They asked the authorities to temporarily suspend work to investigate the incident.

After receiving the report from parents, the Education Department quickly opened an investigation into Mr. Luu’s work history. Later, the authorities confirmed that the teacher was completely innocent.

The Education Department said: Mr. Luu’s wife is a longtime teacher, so the family economy is relatively good. After 20 years, they have accumulated a large amount of assets along with borrowing more, it is completely normal to buy a house. In addition, Mr. Luu also bought an old house, so the value is not too high.

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Parents together went to the Education Department to denounce Mr. Luu’s purchase of a house. (Illustration)

The story quickly received public attention. In this case, everyone thinks that the parents have acted excessively with Mr. Luu. In addition to the main income, teachers can also do part-time jobs to make their lives better. Parents should only care about teaching their children, should not care too much about the teacher’s private life. Parents should be grateful and respect teachers, not doubt or judge.

Currently, the story of Mr. Liu is still receiving the attention and discussion of Chinese netizens. bo-ket-luan-gay-soc-20220501085546458.chn

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