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The movie ‘Em and Trinh’ reveals the scene where Trinh Cong Son meets Khanh Ly

The movie “Em and Trinh” released a trailer, revealing the moment Trinh Cong Son first met Khanh Ly – the most attached muse of his career.

The main trailer of the movie 'Em and Trinh'

Trailer “Em and Trinh”. Video: Galaxy

Trailer, broadcast on the evening of April 30, introducing the meeting of Trinh Cong Son (Avin Lu close) with Khanh Ly (Bui Lan Huong) at the Da Lat nightclub in 1968. First hearing Khanh Ly – at that time still singing with her real name Le Mai, the musician exclaimed: “Her voice is very different”.

Working together, they gradually became famous with a series of songs Da Vang – a work on the topic of anti-war by Trinh Cong Son. The performances of the pair of artists at Quan Van attracted a large audience. At the end of the video, the origin of Khanh Ly’s nickname “barefoot queen” is revealed.

Director Phan Gia Nhat Linh said that he watched the casting tape of Bui Lan Huong in the outer ring before meeting face to face. He was fascinated by her expression, even though he did not know the female singer well at the time. “The role of Khanh Ly is more difficult than other female roles in the film, because to the public, people may not know about Diem Xua or Dao Anh, but everyone knows singer Khanh Ly. The actor who plays Khanh Ly must have a grandmother. the image resembles the artist’s charisma, and at the same time, must sing well, because this is the character who sings the most in the movie,” said the director. Bui Lan Huong was born in 1989, famous for many movie soundtracks such as The day is not stormy, the truth is broken in two

Avin Lu - as Trinh Cong Son in his youth - and Bui Lan Huong - as Khanh Ly - in Em and Trinh.  Photo: Thanh Huyen

Avin Lu – as Trinh Cong Son in his youth – and Bui Lan Huong – as Khanh Ly – in “Em and Trinh”. Image: Bar suspension

On the background music Wet eyecharacter singer Thanh Thuy (Nhat Linh) – Trinh Cong Son’s muse when he first started his career – also appeared in the trailer. Story about Bich Diem (Lan Thy) and Dao Anh (Hoang Ha) – two former lovers of the musician – are revealed in more detail.

The director said the film recreates Trinh Cong Son’s youth with love stories, music and travels around the country. Movie Filmed in early November 2020, scheduled to be released in December – the 20th anniversary of Trinh’s death – but had to be postponed due to the epidemic. The work has an estimated budget of 40 billion VND, after filming is 50 billion VND, mainly invested in the context from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Director Nguyen Quang Dung works as a production consultant. I’m a writer’s son Nguyen Quang Sang – one of Trinh Cong Son’s close friends. Trinh Cong Son’s family said that he had contributed ideas to the crew about the script but respected the director’s own creativity. The role of a middle-aged musician by Tran Luc close.

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