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The ripe fruit is black, but it gives a “thousands of people’s love” water that helps to quench thirst and nourish blood

Healer Bui Hong Minh

Around April and May every year, mulberry trees begin to ripen in full bloom. When it comes to the strawberry season, we often encounter carts and carts selling ripe mulberries on the streets and streets of Hanoi.

Unlike other fruits such as plums, peaches, apples, etc., mulberry is still used to eat fresh, but it is not common, most people use mulberry to soak into syrup and then use it. Under the hot summer sun, if you enjoy a cup of strawberry syrup with a sweet and sour taste, it will help the body cool down very well.

Not only helps to cool down, physician Bui Hong Minh (Ba Dinh Oriental Medicine Association, Hanoi) said that mulberry is also a valuable medicine in traditional medicine. Not only mulberry fruit, but all parts from roots, stems, leaves, even parasites, eating mulberry leaves like wasps, silkworms are also very good for health.

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Mulberry fruit has the effect of nourishing the kidney, nourishing the blood, except for leprosy. Illustration.

According to Mr. Minh, mulberry fruit has a sweet, sour, temperate nature, enters the two meridians of the can and kidney, and has the function of nourishing the liver, kidney, and blood, except for leprosy. Therefore, people often use mulberry to treat liver, kidney weakness, anemia, weakness, constipation, insomnia, premature graying of hair…

For mulberry fruit, the most common way to use it is to soak it with sugar into a syrup and then mix it with drinking water, but it also needs to be used properly to be effective for health.

“The mulberry syrup is very simple to make but has very good effects on the body, especially the effect of refreshment and constipation. When using, it should be noted to dilute the mulberry juice, do not drink too sweet or use it directly in the form of syrup.

Drinking 2 to 3 cups of diluted mulberry juice every week will help clear heat, quench thirst, and the amount of vitamin C in mulberry juice will treat constipation very effectively.

Drinking mulberry juice also helps the digestive system to be stimulated, eating more delicious. In addition, mulberry is also very good for people who have difficulty sleeping and insomnia because it contains active ingredients that help sleep more deeply, “medicine Minh shared.

In addition to the above effects, mulberry also helps women stay young for a long time, blood circulation is good, menstruation is more regular. People with muscle and joint pain when using mulberry can be fresh fruit, syrup also helps support and improve a lot.

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Mulberry is mostly used to soak syrup and then drink, this is a very good cooling water, many people like it. Illustration.

Although mulberry brings a lot of benefits to health, but according to physician Bui Hong Minh, people who are suffering from diarrhea, gastritis … should not eat much because mulberry has welding properties. In addition, do not use herbs from mulberry tree with women who are breastfeeding, people with kidney-related diseases and people who are taking sedatives, anti-depressants, gout treatment… should be used with caution.

Strawberries can also cause allergies and are easy to ferment, easily produce mold toxins aflatoxin, mycotoxins … so when eating, it is necessary to wash, remove crushed fruits, do not eat moldy fruits. Mulberry syrup is often soaked with a lot of sugar, so it should be used 2-3 times a week, should not be used continuously for a long time.

Some remedies from mulberry according to the share of physician Bui Hong Minh:

– People with joint pain, back pain, dizziness, weakness, forgetfulness, dizziness, constipation: Eating ripe mulberries regularly every day will reduce these symptoms.

– Improve sleep, help sleep well, sleep deeply: Fresh mulberry 60g, put in warm water to drink, twice a day will help improve sleep quality.

– Indigestion, flatulence: 10g mulberry, 6g white tree. All bring to boil with 500ml of water, drink 3 times a day.

– Sweating in children, sweaty hands in adults: Young mulberry leaves cooked with shrimp and shrimp to eat daily will improve sweating.

– Eye pain, chronic conjunctivitis: Mulberry leaves are cooked to get water and steamed into the eyes to help reduce eye pain.

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