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The true identity of the star shook the country of billions of people

Ge Shiguang was born in 1972 in Heilongjiang province, China. Born in a poor family, from a young age he was always understanding and obedient. His family conditions were difficult, so he only finished high school, then went out to live.

Having a passion for the arts, he attended the city’s drama training class and went to acting school. With a unique voice, Quang works as a singer and presenter at a local nightclub.

After gaining a bit of fame, Quang began to play generously, his income was not enough to spend. Lacking money, Quang followed his friends to steal.

On the evening of December 6, 1998, Quang and two friends surnamed Ly and Luu went to the street to rob. The victim is Duong Lam and his wife, a criminal police. During the struggle, Ly and Luu stabbed policeman Lam with a knife, he became disabled.

Ly and Luu were arrested within two days and sentenced to death, while Quang escaped to another place. After committing the crime in 1998, Quang fled from Heilongjiang to the South.

He found the identity card number and personal information of a person named Truong Quoc Phong online, from which he used a fake identity to go to Shenzhen.

Having studied acting and singing, Quang found a job as a program host, performing plays at entertainment clubs. Over the years, Quang made some friends in the entertainment industry, and was introduced to the Hengdian studio in Zhejiang province as a back-up actor in October 2007.

After a few films were broadcast without anyone noticing, Quang was relieved and began to receive movies more freely.

Thanks to his good acting ability and generous personality, Quang is loved by many film crew members, invited to participate in many famous films such as Vo Tac Thien Secret History, Ỷ Thien Tu Long Ky, Tan Hoan Chau the way, the Palace radiates jade mind.

In just two years, Quang has appeared in more than 40 dramas with public or supporting roles.

In 2009, the drama “Tenten tu” on the topic of war and espionage, broadcast by Sun Hong Loi and Dieu Than, was praised as a high-quality work, attracting a large audience. But someone discovered a supporting actor in the movie with a very similar appearance to Quang.

After receiving the denunciation, the police immediately investigated, verified that Phong was Quang and arrested on December 7, 2011 in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province. During interrogation, Quang confessed his identity and the process of escaping.

More than 10 years on, Quang became famous for the success of the movie “Tentu”, but it was also this film that made him fall in the net.

After pleading guilty, Quang was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Due to good re-education, he got his sentence reduced twice and was released from prison at the end of 2019.

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